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Chiesi Al Mio Cuore - Orchestra Durium - Chiesi Al Mio Cuore / Oggi Son Tanto Felice (Flexi-disc)

Mentre la situazione politica italiana Andrebbe seguita con molta piu' attenzione Vuoi che mi lasci andare sulle note di una canzone d'amore Al mio cuore Al mio cuore malandato Almeno a lui ho messo le ali Domenica 12 Aprile Sabato 18 Aprile Domenica 19 Aprile Sabato 25 Aprile Domenica 26 Aprile Sabato 2 Maggio Domenica 3 Maggio Sabato 9 Maggio Domenica 10 Maggio Sabato 16 Maggio Domenica 17 Maggio Sabato 23 Maggio Domenica 24 Maggio Sabato 30 Maggio Domenica 31 Maggio Sabato 6 Giugno Domenica 7 Giugno Thanks to Doug Benson and Archeophone records the complete Hit of the week records will be published in a set of four 2CDs.

The first 2CD Arch has been released december Why this choise? To print a complete new edition was no option, even reprinting would be to risky for me, so I have chosen for this low-budget editions.

Because I am able to print these parts of my discography on my own printer the discographys contain the latest additions and facts. Although the last Durium records were released somewhere in in Italy new records are found and listed in my discography.

Collectors help me to complete this list with there additions. Thanks to the new interests of record collectors to the jazzy dance music of the s and s Hit-of-the-week records are re-issued on CDs.

I will publish important new additions and questions on my home page. Please visit it: www. Information about the history of this label and additions to this subject can be obtained at my e-mail address: koerthchkz zeelandnet.

I hope this discography will help you to organize your collections and help you to reconstruct the history of the Durium paper record. Keep swinging. Label The texts of the Durium label are always printed direct on the Durium surface. In general the letters are printed in white or silver. At the top of the label you'll find the logo. The top of the lettering is rounded off 5. The durium logo has two versions. The matrix number is pressed into the surface.

It includes information about the matrix, the take and the stamper used. Sometimes there are other numbers with insignificant meaning. All English matrix numbers start with the letter E-. In other countries other letters appear pressed into the surface. Sometimes the reverse of the records was used for advertisements. The titles of the songs and the name of the band were translated into the language of the client.

Sometimes an English subtitle was used. Some small European 5 6. Covers About the European covers we have only scrappy knowledge, appended to incidental copies. The English covers show the name durium - the self changing record and the text: This Record plays two complete tunes without lifting the needle On sale at all bookstalls and News agents every Friday. The unbroken seal of this envelope is your guarantee that this record is in perfect condition and absolutely new and that it has not been worn or damaged through demonstration playings to other persons before sale.

Other covers have complete directions for use and an enumeration of all the benefits of the record. As an indispensable accessory, the Record Lock was put into the cover LOOK INSIDE the envelope for a Record Lock to hold the record on Machines which have a center pin of a small size On the cover pictures to illustrate the use of the record lock, the visible interval between the two tunes, the unbreakable and flexibility qualities.

Towards the end of British durium, records of the EN-series were sold in 43 separate sets of 3 records, with the exception of the first 6 records. From the durium GE-series a cover exists with just the name durium written as the logo on the label and the titles of the songs. The Dutch durium cover looks like the British the d with the long stick. The price fl. On the cover is a stamp of a local shop in Surabaya. It's likely, that durium covers used in other European countries are from the same typesetting as the British with the price in the local currency.

In Sweden the durium records were sold in a cover with an extra page. The picture has nothing to do with the music inside, but with the article on the page in the middle, like on the V. On the cover the title written as: I'm keepin' company - Foxtrot "Jag fljer med dig! The records were sealed and could be played only by breaking the perforated cover.

The first issues of Veckans Skiva were 7. Somewhere between V. After the end of the Veckans Skiva series, it seems that envelopes with the name and price covered records. There was no information about titles etc. The hexagon hole in the middle is striking.

New York City, c Oct. Released in Sweden May 27th as Veckans Skiva nr. I wanna sing about you Blues sic Om dig vill jag sjunga! Released in Sweden June 3rd as Veckans Skiva nr. BRLL - vo. Det material varmed den r. Hga svl som lga toner ro kristallklara utan minsta biljud. Lgg mrke till hur naturlig min rst lter, utan ngot vsande frn nlen. Durium-skivan bevarar sin klangfullhet lngre n ngon annan skiva. Den gr ej snder.

P Durium-skivorna inspelas de av specialister utvalda modernaste dansmelodierna av vrldens mest bermda orkestrar. Dess pris r lika anmrkningsvrt som dess kvalitet.

Femtio Durium-skivor fr rum i en resegrammofon och vga ej mer n sex vanliga skivor. Das gibt's nur einmal sic , foxtrot.

The movie "Der Kongress Tanzt" was published in There was also an English movie Congress Dances published in the same year. This record was issued for promotional purposes prob in London, because no American pressings exist, for the Swedish market as a Veckans Skiva V. It was released in Sweden c April Katscher Ediz. American New York version. Catalogued in Scandinavia as V. Released in Sweden April 29, as Veckans Skiva nr.

Were nimmt die Liebe ernst? Durium GE-3? The T-series was continued in Europe. Dulcer vo. London c These records are only known from a Durium catalogue "Viennese and Italian Music - on - durium self-changing records. The recording might be part of this session. London, Mar. These records are known from a Durium catalogue "Viennese and Italian Music - on - durium self-changing records".

Released in Sweden June 22nd as Veckans Skiva nr. London, c Mar. Released in Sweden July 1st as Veckans Skiva nr. In the cover the Swedish text of Ich mcht. It seems that there are copiew without a matrix number.

On the label the trademarks of B. The first title was arranged by arr Stan Bowser; the second by Lew Stone. En ogenblik. Dus zal ik het niet lang maken. Voor n ding waarschuw ik U echter; U hoeft straks niet allemaal naar de grammofoon te springen om de plaat om te draaien; DURIUM platen behoeven niet te worden omgedraaid. U krijgt twee volledige nummers op n plaat voor de helft van het geld.

Kom jongens, nu is het jullie beurt. Zeg het met muziek! There are no arguments for that. There is no band name on the label, although the letters IMP on the place of the band name suggests so The letters IMP appear in the manufacturers identification too.

Released in Sweden Jul 22, as Veckans Skiva nr. Released in Sweden Oct. Released in Sweden Jul. Trade Mark. Released in Sweden Sep. London, c Jun. Durium T This record is only known from a Durium catalogue "Viennese and Italian Music - on - durium self-changing records". Baracchini vo London, c Jun. London, Jun. Eric Helgar vo London, c Jun. The personnel of the band might be as stated. Chi potra' varcare salmo 14 Chiesa di dio Chiesa di mattoni Cieli e terra nuova Com'e' bello Come e' grande Come il cervo Come maria Come rami d'ulivo Come un fiume Corpo di cristo Cristo e' presente Custodiscimi Dalla nascita del sol Dell'aurora tu sorgi piu' bella Dio d'amore Dio dell'universo Dio s'e' fatto come noi Dolce e' la sera Dolce memoria Dov'e' carita' e amore Dov'e odio Dove regna il vero amore E' bello andar E' giunta l'ora E sono solo un uomo Ecco l'uomo Ecco quel che abbiamo Emmanuel Evenu shalom Filo del tuo arazzo Francesco va' Gesu' per le strade Gioia ai campi di frumento Giovane donna Gloria a cristo Gloria a dio Grandi cose Grazie, signore Guarda questa offerta Hai dato un cibo I cieli narrano Il disegno Il giorno ormai scompare Il pane della terra Il signore ci ha amato Il signore ha fatto i cieli Il tuo popolo in cammino In quell'ostia consacrata In te la nostra gloria Innalzate nei cieli lo sguardo Inno alla croce You, friend Marco Mengoni?

If you book an artist you can tell the world about his artistic life from the albums that have come out and will come out , to his concerts, don't miss this opportunity before others can book the artist you care about! Think, there is no such thing in the whole network! We are waiting for you! Thank you very much for your kind attention and the time you have dedicated to reading these lines. So, if the video is deleted, it will no longer be present in our archives and at its place we will find the image on the side.

Here are about 13, videoclips and it is practically impossible to understand which video is missing, at this point we kindly ask you for your collaboration by reporting the video clip deleted from Youtube.

You can make the report, completely anonymously, in the chat box of the HOME, in the "Name" field you could write Guest and in the "Message" field write the name of the artist example: Morandi , the year and finally the title of the disc Meglio il madison. We will then find a videoclip to replace the deleted one!

TE AL CENTRO DEL MIO CUORE Marie Thèrése Henderson – Gen Rosso. TE AL CENTRO DEL MIO CUORE Marie Thèrése Henderson – Gen Rosso. TE, AL CENTRO S8b Ho DEL MIO CUORE Sib — m —meal SOL — e Cod um r; pe± e — so Sib Sib d: T. co—me, non — TE, AL CENTRO S8b Ho DEL MIO CUORE.

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    Artist Release Name Label Format Year Country; Orchestra Durium: I Quattro Moschettieri In Russia - Disco Primo: AC Durium: 10", Card Backed, Single Sided, 78 RPM.
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    Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.
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    Provided to YouTube by iMusician Digital AG Te, al centro del mio cuore · Gen Verde E' bello lodarti ℗ Gen Verde della P.A.F.O.M. Released on: Aut.
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    The T-series was continued in Europe. ORCHESTRA DURIUM DIRETTA DAL MAESTRO PAUL ABEL TENORE DAVIDE DUCLER (durium T23): Carmelo Vesio vo. D. Dulcer vo.? London c . CHIESI AL MIO CUORE Abraham - CV vo durium T OGGI SON TANTO FELICE To-day I am so Happy Abraham - CV vo durium T
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    Jan 20,  · – Oggi si sposa mia sorella/Spostiamoci in bicicletta (Cetra, DC ) - Paradiso per due/Valzer appassionato (Cetra, DC ) - Passa Nini'/Oi Mari' (Cetra, DC ) - Credi, bambina, al mio cuore/C'è una casetta piccina (Cetra, DC ) - Magiche parole/Cuore a passeggio (Cetra, DC ).
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    Cuore, mio cuore - Poesie di Archiloco - Cuore, mio cuore, turbato da affanni senza rimedio, sorgi, difenditi, opponendo agli avversari il.
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    Al mio cuore. Al mio cuore malandato Almeno a lui ho messo le ali Io, padrone di un bel niente Neppure di me stesso. Soffoco d'affetto e vivo di nascosto Ma al mio cuore malandato Almeno a lui ho messo le ali Intorno si stupiscono del mio modo di fare Per loro sbaglio tutto ancora prima di iniziare. Non e' cosi' importante che muoia.
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    al centro del mio cuore ci sei solo Tu. Tutto ruota attorno a Te, in funzione di Te; e poi non importa il come, il dove e il se. Che Tu splenda sempre al centro del mio cuore, il significato allora sarai Tu; quello che farò sarà soltanto amore: unico sostegno Tu, la stella polare Tu, al centro del mio cuore ci sei solo Tu.
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    1 - Ho bisogno di incontrarti nel mio cuore di trovare te, di stare insieme a te: unico riferimento del mio andare, unica ragione tu, unico sostegno tu. Al centro del mio cuore ci sei solo tu. 2 - Anche il cielo gira intorno e non ha pace, ma c'è un punto fermo è quella stella là.

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