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Couch Conversation - Christopher Franke - Babylon 5: The Long Night (CD, Album)

It is a very complicated topic with complicated contracts where even if the composer wanted, he cannot release the score. Luckily "The Calling" is available as a score soundtrack and I think it turned out to be really good. Did you meet legendary director John Badham during the Footsteps scoring? Yes he was very involved during the scoring of the movie. First of all, he is a very nice guy and it was a pleasure to work with him. Usually the director and producer gets invited once or twice during the scoring process for a so called "screening" session.

This is where the composer presents his music and the director comments on it, giving some notes, etc. John Badham worked differently. Every time a cue was finished he wanted it to be sent to him right away. He had his own video editing system at home and put the score together with the picture. So when he and the producers came to the screening sessions, he actually knew the music already and knew exactly what worked for him and what not, eliminating long discussions with the rest of the production team.

This was another one of those special projects. First of all, the producers didn't actually know what it was, a film, a documentary, a movement? It was a very long production period and although the general music direction of New Age electronica and some Orchestral was clear, there was a lot of fine tuning going on.

At the end it turned out to be some kind of a phenomena beyond a regular movie release and the soundtrack album fits into that.

I thought this was a very special project for a small niche market but I'm surprised how often in a conversation I get the response "You worked on What the Bleep? During the last years, Franke has scored a lot of things in the reality TV world. How exactly do you work on music for a reality show? This was definitely a big shift in the TV landscape. Because of the low budget and quick turnaround of most of those productions there is no hired composer for the show.

The production uses licensed Library Music Catalogs. The editors have stacks of CDs that they can use for underscore. There are CDs with just action cues, other CDs with lighter romantic cues and others with tension and so on.

Christopher started early on to produce his own Library Music and marketed them through his own Record Label Sonic Images. This has become a big market and many Library Music companies now hire not just unknown composers but well established composers too to release those Production Music CDs.

So instead of scoring a specific action scene, you compose 20 action cues without picture that are suitable to be used later in an action scene later. Green Street Hooligans is a very good film, but the score is used very sparingly. How did this score come about? The movie was directed by German director Lexi Alexander. Her short movie "Johnny Flynton" with Christopher's score was nominated for an Oscar.

Lexi liked the original orchestral score that we had for the Hooligan movie. The music becomes quite a bit more active, with Franke bringing some of the industrial rhythms and pulsing strings into play that characterized the music from the first season of Babylon 5. The Lost Tales on CD is a soundtrack where I got to the end and suddenly thought that the composer was holding back too much during the body of the show itself.

Sheridan himself had quite a striking theme in season two, and the show itself had a more enduring theme early on than the season five variant. The good news is that, as with the DVD itself, the music of the Lost Tales has room for improvement in the future, provided of course that this direct-to-DVD series drums up sales figures that merit its continuation and if the same holds true for the soundtrack. Released by: Varese Sarabande Release date: Total running time: I already liked the music, and the musical style, of Crusade before the CD arrived.

But as with most good film and TV soundtracks, hearing the music away from the clutter of dialogue and sound effects revealed hidden depths that are hard to explore even with the best of TV speakers. Wyvern likes this.

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New Pacific Order Edit. Londo's political status changes. When he looks into the mirror, he suddenly sees Kosh standing behind him. He arms the bombs on the White Star and sets it on a collision. In the Shadow of Z'Ha'Dum. There are beings in the universe billions of years older than either of our races.

Once, long ago, they walked among the stars like giants, vast, timeless. Taught the younger races, explored beyond the rim, created great empires, but to all things, there is an end.

Slowly, over a million years, the First Ones went away. Some passed beyond the stars never to return. For the Babylon 5 episode of the same name, see Z'ha'dum..

This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Als sich Dukhat danach in sein Sanktum zur Meditation begibt, wird er von einem Vorlonen erwartet. Auf der Erde will General Lefcourt Lt.

Commander Sheridan anbieten, als Erster Offizier. Z'ha'dum This article is about the Babylon 5 episode. For the fictional planet, see Z'ha'dum planet.

This article has multiple issues. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. It does not cite any references or sources. Please help. Season: 2.

Filename C:\EAC\Christopher Franke - Babylon 5, Thirdspace () [FLAC]\03 - Bots Destroyed,You Have To Stop It,Lyta's History,A Distant World,It Could Change Everything,The Black Tower,Ivanova's Wild Dream,It's Calling All Of Us,The Vision Of Thirdsp Peak level % Extraction speed X Track quality % Test CRC FA2E15E0 Copy CRC.

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    View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of Babylon 5: The Long Night on Discogs.4/5(5).
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    Aug 25,  · (This review regards ALL of the Babylon 5 Soundtrack CDs of this type.) As a really big Babylon 5 fan, I was amazed when I discovered that the soundtrack made by Christopher Franke was available on these CDs! I've bought three of these CDs, BABYLON 5 - LINES OF COMMUNICATION, BABYLON 5 - THE FACE OF THE ENEMY and BABYLON 5 - THE LONG NIGHT 5/5(4).
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    Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for Babylon 5: Long Night [Original TV Soundtrack] - Christopher Franke on AllMusic -
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    Babylon 5: The Long Night, an Album by Christopher Franke. Released 25 August on Sonic Images (catalog no. SID; CD). Genres: Soundtracks, Television Music, Film Score.4/5(7).
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    Babylon 5: The Long Night soundtrack from , composed by Christopher Franke. Released by Sonic Images in (SID) containing music from Babylon 5 ().
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    Christopher Franke Released in: Country: United States: Babylon 5: Long Night Country United States Format CD Release Date: Act I: Giants In The Playground () 2. Act II: Couch Conversation () 3. Act III: Cartagian Justice () 4. .
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    Pour ceux qui non pas la compil complète je vais ajouter un Lien Mega avec les 24 albums de Babylon 5 (Original From TV Series) dans l'ordre d'ecoute de la series. Voir commentaire du 14/02/ Pour ce soir le lien devrait être mise en place.
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    Part 2/3/4/5. Christopher Franke / Babylon 5 CDs. Babylon 5 Babylon 5: Messages From Earth Babylon 5 - In The Beginning Babylon 5 - Thridspace Babylon 5 - The River Of Souls Babylon 5 - The Lost Tales Babylon 5 - Chrysalis Babylon 5 - The Coming Of Shadows Babylon 5 - The Fall Of Night Babylon 5 - Severed Dreams.

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