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The atoms are typically from an inert gas such as argon or xenon. Common matrices include glycerol , thioglycerol , 3-nitrobenzyl alcohol 3-NBA , crown-6 ether, 2-nitrophenyloctyl ether , sulfolane , diethanolamine , and triethanolamine. This technique is similar to secondary ion mass spectrometry and plasma desorption mass spectrometry.

Radical cations can also be observed in a FAB spectrum in rare cases. FAB was designed as an improved version of SIMS that allowed for the primary beam to no longer cause damaging effects to the sample. The major difference between the two techniques is the difference in the nature of the primary beam used; ions vs atoms. For the molecules to be ionized by FAB, first the slow moving atoms Xe or Ar are ionized by colliding electrons.

Those slow moving atoms are then ionized and accelerated to a certain potential where they develop into fast moving ions that become neutral in a dense cloud of excess natural gas atoms that make a flowing stream of high translational energy atoms.

As previously stated, in FAB the samples are mixed with a non-volatile environment matrix in order to be analyzed. FAB uses a liquid matrix that is mixed with the sample in order to provide a sample ion current that is sustained, reduces damages made to the sample by absorbing the impact of the primary beam, and keeps the sample molecules form aggregating. The most widely accepted matrix for this type of ionization is glycerol. Choosing the appropriate matrix for the sample is crucial because the matrix can also influence the degree of fragmentation of the sample analyte ions.

The sample can then be introduced to FAB analysis. The normal method of introducing the sample-matrix mixture is through an insertion probe. The sample-matrix mixture is loaded on a stainless steel sample target on the probe, which is then placed in the ion source via a vacuum lock. Origin of fab First recorded in —65; by shortening. Words nearby fab f , fa , FAA , F. Words related to fab sensational , astonishing , fantastic , satisfying , fabulous , splendid , spectacular , solid , magnificent , terrific , wonderful , neat , excellent , enjoyable , pleasant , glorious , impressive , remarkable , exceptional , phenomenal.

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Fast atom bombardment (FAB) is an ionization technique used in mass spectrometry in which a beam of high energy atoms strikes a surface to create ions. It was developed by Michael Barber at the University of Manchester in When a beam of high energy ions is used instead of atoms (as in secondary ion mass spectrometry), the method is known as liquid secondary ion .

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