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Im Broken Hearted - James Brown - Reality (Vinyl, LP, Album)

Neil Young. The Times. A solo acoustic EP that finds Neil Young reviving a bunch of old protest songs. Tea for the Tillerman 2. Protean Threat. After a couple of albums that exploded in proggy grandeur, the group dial it back in favor of more-focused and energetic avant-garage punk.

Ed Harcourt. Monochrome to Colour. Harcourt resumes cinematic post-rock composer mode with his second all-instrumental album in a row. Gus Dapperton. The second album from this ultra-stylized bedroom pop artist strays from homespun production in favor of a rawer sound. Find the Sun. Angel Deradoorian's most collaborative solo work to date, as well as her most spiritually reflective.

Classical Classical Highlights from August. AllMusic Staff Picks. The rest was history. If only our siblings were this talented! Enter George McCrae. The single sold 11 million copies and Rolling Stone named it the top song of the year. Cher sold 11 million copies of this dance-pop single worldwide and became the oldest female artist to ever enjoy that kind of chart-topping success.

Her use of autotune was inspired by another artist, Andrew Roachford, and the similar effects he was able to achieve using a vocoder. It was like some stupid Rocky film. Band Aid was a supergroup of English and Irish musicians who joined their talents in The single went on to sell Over the years, Band Aid has reformed with different lineups to release music to benefit other humanitarian causes. Most recently, they got together in as Band Aid What do a cop, a leather-loving biker, a construction worker, and a Native American have in common?

Luckily for Village People, they were able to resolve the issue out of court and keep on dancing. Then light-heavyweight champion Henry Maske was set to fight his final match in , and Bocelli and Brightman sang their duet live at the beginning of the event.

Talk about an amazing send-off! They also would later push the boundaries of pop and rock and roll, creating conceptual albums and inspiring artists from The Beach Boys and Bob Dylan to the stars of today. Any music industry insider will tell you that Christmas albums practically sell themselves, and singles are no different. Singing cowboy Gene Autry learned from experience that a Christmas single is a great way to line your pockets. This single embodies the weird minimalism of German New Wave, and it was a hit in Europe long before reaching the States.

Relying on simple sounds and stripped down instrumentation, Trio carved out a space for their quirky aesthetic in music history. Often, their songs were so simple that drummer Peter Behrens was able to play his part with just one hand while eating an apple with the other.

To make it a real success, Gaynor even campaigned herself, flagging down DJs who worked at Studio 54 and begging them to play the song. Advocating for herself paid off for Gaynor, and the single sold 14 million copies. It has been covered by artists from Diana Ross to Cake, and drunkenly karaoked by yours truly. It sold 15 million copies worldwide.

Interestingly, this track was the one that Grease director Randal Kleiser initially did not want. Songwriter John Farrar put his foot down, it stayed in the picture, and the rest is history.

Adams says he and his writing partner producer Mutt Lange wrote the song in about 45 minutes. How did we even have Christmas before Mariah Carey blessed us with this megahit? With Luckily the movie studio pushed the song through production and into the credits. Relying on disco beats and breathy vocals, Baccara had a sound that drove European club kids wild back in Eventually, each wanted to reform the group without the other, so there were two concurrent Baccara lineups, one called Baccara and one called New Baccara.

In , The Ink Spots were the first black performers ever on television. Besides raking in accolades, the single was also able to do a lot to send aid to Africa and raise awareness of the famine.

All told, the single sold 20 million copies. NEXT: This single proved to the world that rock and roll was here to stay. The single sold around the clock, too. The song got a bump in popularity again when Haley recorded a shortened version that served as the theme song to the first couple seasons of Happy Days.

Singer Ray Dorset reportedly wrote the song in less than ten minutes. David' secret EDM life. If you like Gulfer, you may also like:.

To Infinity by Special Explosion. I've had this record on repeat for months! Rachel Taylor. The "Topshelf Records" label is specialized in the release of interesting and unusual music from the areas of alternative rock, post-rock, and math rock. This sampler provides a thorough insight into its impressing catalog of artists and bands.

This is one of the very few label samplers I can listen to all the way through without skipping tracks. Sven B. The proceeds of this extensive compilation of punk and rock go towards the healthcare costs of beloved musician Dan Wild-Beesley.

Explore music. Dog Bless by Gulfer. Austin Doucette. Austin Doucette These dudes are awesome. Riffs, harmonies, sick melodies, this album has it all Favorite track: Be Father. Favorite track: Fading. Favorite track: Secret Stuff. Joe Reilly. Steve Santure. Zoe Camp. Look at the graph — it started going downhill when the proliferation of all things unmentionable and calling itself music came into existence.

And make them paupers just by taking our business somewhere else! Music will always be worth something to us — no matter what the medium it comes in. Still scratching our heads over that one. Gangsta music? Cause real music is like real food — people will buy it even if it comes in a circular tin foil or wrapped in wax paper. Highly stylized muzak is what they are. A bunch of toddlers can do better. What are you people smoking? And yet you continue. As an industry, you sure got money … no doubt about it.

As for the music bloggers — hahahahahhahahahahahahahahaha. But some of the names you listed would be trashed back in the day by people such as yourself too. Each generation has their own whack artists and their own talented artists. It is meleading to lump all these guys together. Iovine started out working in a studio, the guy understands music and musicians and the business.

Warner Brothers in the 60s an 70s is where everybody wanted to be. It was run by music guys and had people like Ry Cooder involved in lots of their projects. I guess the whole disco thing just never happened, right? Plenty of bad music, but no difference in overall ratio in era. None of that changes the argument about the state of the music industry, but it has nothing to do with the quality of music being produced.

What killed the CD was the music industry itself. The consumer will only take it for so long. Give me the good days when sound quality was quality! If the people get quality, they will buy. I stayed with vinyl for as long as the industry would continue to press it. At least the death of the CD might be good for environment. All that disposable music ending up in landfills. Anyway, as someone pointed out, correlation is not causation. The graph is just a site of pure speculation.

Interesting as that is, one can propose numerous other factors: — bad music — derivative music theory that the culture is out of musical ideas, and is just rehashing its own past — overly trendy music such that even its fans know it has no shelf life, so no need to own it — competition from other diversions video games, reality TV, Game of Throw-ups, American Idol, suicide etc.

FROM lg dash apt Its interesting to see that Napster may actually have had a positive effect on CD sales. However, as the main thrust of the problem as I see it is that practically none of the major downloading sites use Wave Files as an option.

Part of the reason for this might be better served by figuring out how many people are buying stereo systems today. CDs not being sold as widely is a matter of a more user friendly delivery system.

But people not buying stereos actually reflects more on people not listening to music at all, except on headphones, which will naturally reduce the need for a very high definition sound, which is at a basic level what may be driving mixing and mastering techniques to the extreme current standard levels.

Record labels shared seven cents on the high average with their major artists. The laws governing a disc as physical own-able media help support this kind of abuse. Currently digital media forms have accustomed the public to believe that music should be free, and this is a serious problem. The quality of music diminishes as fewer artists can actually afford to devote the substantial amount of time it takes to become a great artist.

The public becomes accustomed to that, and how could the thousands of years-old history of music survive? A class action lawsuit has to be filed against YouTube and Mobile companies on behalf of all recording artists and professional musicians.

Mobile Phone companies should also be charged a music fee because anyone and everyone can and does share free music back and forth via the chatting apps that share files. The music Industry has been crushed by free technology. Meanwhile these mobile companies and the likes of Google have become huge.

It is a rather simple solution. Artists, musicians and record companies will then be paid based on how many times the music is viewed, listened to, downloaded etc. The thing is, if a new Beatles or Nirvana appeared on the landscape, sales of such a band would take off again in all formats. Realist, I think you nailed it. There is a reason all classic rock formats play mostly music from the late 60s and early 70s.

It was great stuff! And those talented enough to make this type of music are being ignored my millennial hipsters who are now influential in the business.. How much plastic do we need on this planet anyway? Everybody always talks about the format, the social media, the vast great opportunities to have your music heard.

The biggest problem with the music industry is the integration has gone. It has always been a hard industry. Think about how many bands are out there.

Think about how many songs there are, both good and bad. Think about how much slips through the net. At one time record companies fed radios, infiltrated shops, created social awareness via magazines, TV, radio, internet. The problem with music is not about the industry being dead. The industry will be alive forever.

The problem you have is competing with quite literally empires that have a pivotal and central gravity effect on the industry. Regardless of what format music comes in, the biggest factor you will ever have to overcome and discover is the secret behind mass appeal and that is what record companies used to create. A platform to expose talent massively across the stage of the world. Piracy is the very thing that creates sales because if something is good people will want to know more. The competition is more ferocious than ever and there is a lot of not so good stuff out there too.

Meanwhile there is so much good music to choose from and so many places to get it and so many trying to get you into their music that there is no main place to acquire music nor is there any main way to create it any more. My problem with streaming is ultimate lack of access control. Suppose they decide to raise the price of a stream by fifty percent? Or suddenly not carry an artist because of one issue or another? I paid for it- once- and its mine. You guys are so wrong.

All Art is free and belongs to all of mankind. If your Art sucks it will be pirated and discarded. If your Art has meaning music lovers will pirate it and then go out of their way to support it.

Goodbye to corporate fodder and copy-cat schlock. Choices mean better music and better music lovers. In my eyes, quality should be somewhat of a necessity as it is, but people these days just settle for convenience. I for one enjoy having a physical album I can hold in my hands, and where I am able to look inside the booklet to see photos of the band during the recording process, read the names of the musicians who performed alongside the band leader again, not an issue for top 40 drivel or a band that had a constant lineup, but with niche music — if you wish to call it that — such as jazz the musicians backing a given bandleader are almost always different from album to album , in many cases read additional information from the artist whether this merely be a list of thank yous or an involved back story on the meaning behind the lyrics or recording process of a given album , and most sentimentally — own a copy of the album art.

I believe this number is five. From my perspective, music being unimportant is a very sacrilegious idea indeed. On a side note, this article is extremely presumptuous in its headline. CD sales have plummeted for sure but there is, and will always be, a market for physical media.

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    Mar 12,  · Our new desktop experience was built to be your music destination. Listen to official albums & more.
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    This is a discography chronicling the musical career of James joined Bobby Byrd's vocal group The Flames in , first as a drummer, and then as leading front man. Later becoming The Famous Flames, they signed with Federal Records in and recorded their first hit single, "Please, Please, Please", which sold over a million was discovered by Famous Flames founder Compilation albums:
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    Welcome to Barnes & Noble's Vinyl Store. Build your dream record collection with our wide selection of albums including vinyl new releases, bestsellers, and retro classics, like The Beatles, Eagles, Elton John, and matter what decade you grew up in, vinyl .
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    Looking for the value of a Vinyl Record, CD, Cassette or any other music format? Search within our archive of Million sold auctions Timothy Wilson ~ Love Is Like An Itching In My Heart. Sold for USD on (2 bids) Vinyl Stan Tracey Under Milk Wood vinyl LP album record UK TAA STEAM Sold for USD on
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    Latest News Live gigs in the diary again, fun and mayhem ensue. 18th July It is with the very greatest of pleasure that we are announcing our Saturday headline slot at the Deer Shed Festival on the 31st of July
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    Aug 18,  · On October 24, , James Brown recorded his performance at the Apollo Theater despite his record label’s opposition. King Records didn’t think .
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    Online shopping for Vinyl Store from a great selection at CDs & Vinyl Store. Wildflowers & All The Rest (3 LP) by Tom Petty. Vinyl. $ Available for Pre-order. This item will be released on October 16, MP3 Music. $ Available for Pre-order. This item will .
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    These could consist of two vinyl LPs in a single 2-LP box, or one double-sided LPs are seven inches across and spin at 45 rotations per minute on your record player. They only have five minutes of playing time per side at most, so they are usually used for singles.

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