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Its About Time... - D.S.-13* / Code 13 - 13 Song Split 7; (Vinyl)

Freaky math, no? And if someone wants to know the drummer of the band in question the song derives from, look up Tool, go to any Tool fanpage, and check for a bio on Danny Carey. If you want a great example of a piece in a compound time that works, check out The First Circle by the Pat Metheny Group. The neat part is right at the beginning, when the percussionist and others in the band are clapping a counter-rhythm to the opening theme.

As a whole, the piece is really listenable too, and it's the group's most popular tune. You could go as far to say that it's got a triplet feel. You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account.

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Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. They see right through it. SS: Well your loyal following are standardly gonna go straight to your website anyway. I mean our Myspace page is still really active, we always get loads of replies to bulletins n that.

Our page is like the most popular page in the UK. SS: What projects have you got coming in the pipeline? SS: What tips for success would you give to someone who wanted to get their own project off the ground? It might take a while for it all to start rolling. Please explain the name to us ladykittens?! V: Haha!!! Well you are nearly right actually. Basically we both love cake so we thought why not call the label Pastry?! SS: So how do two sisters decide to start a fashion label together then?

A:I went to school and studied business communication so we just worked out as the perfect team V: And I studied fashion design and was really into the creative side — like the draping of the fabric and all of that stuff. That really inspired me. SS: Indeed! We LOVE cake A: Unfortunately we go to amaaazing cake shops and just take pictures of the cakes rather than eat them. If we had. Which designers do you like? Gwen Stefani is amazing with L. B and Harajuko Lovers.

Fashion should not be taken too seriously all the time. The great thing about doing the TV show is that the audience have actually got to see us build Pastry from scratch, so the label connects with them on lots of levels.

And now here we are 2 years later and we are launching in London. We really want to show people that anything is possible — dreams are possible. If you wanna go out and create something then you have to get up and do it — hard work, determination and perserverance pays off in the end. V: Yes we are actually going to do a design competition where you can come and work with us at the showroom this summer. SS: What do you think of London? London is great because people are not afraid to do their own thing — there is so much courageousness here!

At a glance you might think that Vanessa and Angela Simmons are the latest additions to this list, but in many ways they are altogether a very different proposition. As legend has it wayyy back in the day the major sportswear brands were totally sleeping on the potential of these tie-ups, in particular within the burgeoning hip hop scene. SS: Haha Ok then! SS: You seem to have a lot of ambition as a band, is there some kind of manifesto for modern man somewhere in there?

J: I just want the band to achieve enough success so my parents can be proud of their son and that my daughter can feel extremely proud of her father. SS: How did you guys meet, what kind of backgrounds do you have? J: I grew up in Camden Town; my parents stayed together which helped stabilize me compared to some of my mates whose parents fucked them up.

I grew up listening to all sorts of music but drum and bass was my thing. Me and Pesk went to school together and Edwin just appeared on stage at one of our shows. J: I sing and write the songs, Pesk does the technical side and Edwin helps out on production and generally looks the best. Personality wise SS: How do your songs translate abroad?

Most of them seem very English — did the French would get it on all levels? J: A lot of people say we sound like Madness so I just go with that as I grew up with them but I started off by trying to write drum and bass and house music. J: Paris was amazing. We played in the. SS: How do you make your tunes? J: I make most of my music in my bedroom like most people these days. J: We play everything man. We were DJs way before we did the band but realized that making music gives us a much bigger buzz.

Remember Big Breakfast? We loved that show! My whole family used to sit down and watch it on a Thursday before Eastenders. SS: Talking of Mark Morrison — you got any freaky fans? J: Grant Burton you know who you are. The one thing I do know is that I love her more than anything in the world. SS: What were the bands best moments of and what are you looking forward to in 09?

SS: Ooooh I love your shoes! GC: Thanks! Sorry, I feel really strongly about that! But I just kept getting through, further and further until I was in the last 10, then the last 3! He said he really liked my whole personality and style. SS: Do you have any say in the music he plays? SS: What have you played?

A1 Bassline, which I think SuperSuper really loves. What else A, Suicide SS: What did you play by Suicide?! GC: 2 Doors Down. SS: Did you know Trevor before? GC: Yeah! SS: Oh! GC: Haha yeah! Bit long though! SS: You really stood out on Frock Me, cos, as a viewer, the show sometimes came across as painfully self-aware. But you were there running around, shouting and smiling and being a bit silly!

The thing is, I get bored if I try to be cool The amount of work you have to do to climb up the ladder is terrifying. It was all polaroids. Actually the worst people are some stylists — I was the assistant of the assistant of the assistant on a Burberry shoot, and at times stylists have literally screamed at me.

SS: And nipple tassles GC: Yes! How did you know about that?! SS: Google! GC: Oh god. Oh well. Yeah, well I was meant to be doing backing dancing for my friend Kate Nash. Sometimes she likes to have all her old friends doing stuff for her like that. But it turned out to be really serious, like with proper dance routines I had to learn — and I am NOT a dancer.

But I was about to do it but I had to do this nipple tassel making workshop, which was really cool Was it easy? GC: No!!! And I was so unprepared. GC: Fashion tips? God, I hate those! I had so much fun with Tracy, Linda and Babs that I decided to bring them over to the UK when it was safe for me to return. Move over Kate and Aggy. BLT are in town.

Expect to see them being papped falling out of a venue near you very soon. I present you with fashion news [Bows head, closes eyes and beckons us in with a wave of a welcoming wing] U go grrl! My pink knitted top looks like the kinda thing your nan would make you for Christmas, but unfortunately I was conned into paying 14 pounds for it from a little vintage stall in Camden.

But it was only 15 pounds and sucks in my fat stomach and makes my boobs look half decent. The colours are rich and vibrant and the contrast between the images makes them all the more powerful. It would be safe to say that yet again, the pied piper of the pixel posse has captured our imaginations with a truly inspiring collection.

Check www. Katie Hillier, accessories genius and designer for Marc Jacobs, is the latest in a long list of musicians, artists and fashionistas to create a limited edition shoe for the Converse 1HUND RED artist footwear collection. The shoes, in soft red and white leather, are embellished with 48 studs on each — yes, we counted! Now you really can be a goody two shoes in both senses! Available at www. Customers are encouraged to join in as well!

GFO: In my crazy head! Growing a beard from all of the work overload! SS: Haha. Is London important to you? GFO: London kicks ass! We would love to be sold in lots of shop in London and the UK!! GFO: These are tough times for all but the dreams and plans are intact. In the more distant future we would like to open chain of shops called O. SS: What City is next? And all this in a Lada!

SS: What was the funniest moment youve experienced during your many travels? It was so horrible that we laughed in the face of Life — who can be a real bitch sometimes!!! Swiss watch manufacturers extraordinaire Swatch have always been at the forefront of cool. From their origins as a manufacturer of non-expensive, extremely well made timepieces they have strived over the years to always stay ahead of the game. Spontaneous, attractive and effortlessly hip, wearing a Swatch watch is probably the closest you can get to wearing Pop culture around your wrist.

Their vision - to create the best sports and leisure wear available. The grunge looks massive at the moment and is set to get even bigger. But please be aware this may be illegal. Also carrying an axe around with you in public can be off putting. The collection really focuses on the original Jeremy Scott aesthetic — hoodies have ears, tails, and are covered in leopard print!

But the shoes are what we SuperLove! For more info: adidas. Renowned Spanish brand Desigual is fast becoming a high street legend. Fashion just got fun! Ultra-lightweight cotton jacket in a sumptuous check, sneaky embellishments and embroidery add character and style to this already fantastic piece. This Dogear hat is no exception! Purchase super-huge size for ghetto star look. Which one will you be today? Cold weather calls for goggles of the ski variety!

Adidas offer us a wide range of colours, from Gold through to Red. Reversible and with AK47 print. Jamin Puech have provided adequate tools for our obsession, with an interesting orange clasp detail in high gloss finish! This t-shirt being one of said goodies! With humble beginnings in Portobello Road, these guys know how to make accessories fun! Taking the world by storm, this watch is what we at SuperSuper are craving most.

Credit crunch cant exist when you have a watch that is this fly. Definitely not fools gold! Add and subtract charms at your will.

This boot stays true to the core heritage of the brand and looks ultra slick when teamed with crisp blue denims! Available at store. Super comfy, Super Fresh! Expect an array pixel characters gracing footwear and luggage. Constantly referencing a past era, girlgang presents the collections with a clear theme and objective, but always giving a touch of humour.

Through colour, cut and print the garments themselves speak volumes, stiletto printed leggings, puffball skirts in sheer fabrics and cute zip-up tops create a perfect combination for a classic and playful look. This is one gang that we want in on! The series has involved designers such as Gareth Pugh, Bernard Willhelm, Jeremy Scott and Preen, among others, to create fragrances of the wildest variety. Each designer teamed up with a fragrance pro and together they created a fragrance they felt summarised their brands.

Great Fragrances, Great Cause! However demoralising the world of retail can be, there exist certain exceptions to the rule, in my opinion anyway. Due to a need for exclusivity, we have now instigated a closed door policy, just to make it that little bit more gratifying for the select few that do. So, if there are no customers that I deem worthy of being allowed in, i will have a wander round the shop, straightening rails and generally having a browse, i might try something on, for it is common knowledge that the staff are viewed as part of the shop and are therefore a perfect platform for a bit of visual murchandising and in my eyes that means i get to wear the stuff and it is my right.

So after this rush of late afternoon expenditure, which will hopefully result in a littl e commision for yours truely, we will close the shop at around 7. Fiddy not 50 is the authoritative grime journalist. And when all your friends started jumping from the MySpace boat to Facebook, you were so like whatever But alas, the day came when you realised that you barely know anyone actually posting on your MySpace wall and you wanted to talk to some real friends.

For the avid music fans and purveyors of beats with mass potential, this is actually a. Take for example when MySpace kicked off in my world, it transformed the way grime was digested. Gone were the days when potential consumers relied on music magazine press and radio illegal and otherwise to tell them what was good.

It also meant a lot of previously unknown acts were able to grab some of the limelight. It was as if the ready accessibility took away some of the magic: grime was no longer untouchable, unreachable or unavailable to all. So where does this leave us today? Instead you need a pseudonym. Those whose names do them no justice create an alias to be able to get by in life, especially after the 9pm watershed.

You better start thinking fast because all the good ones are being taken. Take my imaginary friend for example. He is SO cool. He does bare things. His name is Big. This is not actually his REAL name. I was gutted when I found out because it shattered my illusion of how amazing his parents must be. His real name is John. So can you see why he had to change it? Imagine he was MC John though. Mans differently ghettoooo, trussssst me fam.

The main victims of change-my-namesyndrome are people like John. The man dem. Mainly those involved with my favorite thing — the underground music industry.

She also blogs at: loukiac. It emphasizes the difference between their personalities even more. Sometimes though it actually makes you sound a bit, well, knobby. Everyone lives a double life. We all do it. Different at home and in the rave, gemme? I am yet to don a new identity even though I too have multiple personas going on. Something that shows my prim and proper side but at the same time shows the skankin-own-garmzwearing-ravergirl-extraordinaire that I am.

People will be baaare shook of me and my ghetto name. Apparently spelling it with half upper case and half lower case makes it even cooler. Creating a sobriquet for yourself might be something which seems like a minor, but it affects the way people perceive you, the way you put yourself forward and the way in which you lead your various lives. I guess the rule is this; what you know someone as, is who he or she is. Actually that IS my real name. Tell me. I wont tell anyone. WHAT is more is more original than that He runs these blogs: dalstonoxfamshop.

This is perhaps because most of life is rather grey. What could the artist have wanted to say the most? What was the primary intent? An art piece might be highly regarded for its statement about the place of racism in a certain sub-culture. Or a song might be viewed as powerful because it simply expresses basic human love.

Is that amount of artistic effort really primarily for the purposes of conveying such a simple message even if it is a very important message? How can something ever really be silly? Or grand for that matter? In this spirit, I have contrived a random experiment on meaning as my own art piece below. In the following text every sentence is lifted from a different music blog and there is a music mix which you can download made from songs downloaded from the same blogs in the same order.

The brothers from Brentwood Long Island bring us the Jersey nigga with the snot rag up his nostril. Noted ethnomusicologist and all-around incredible person John Collins has written on it a bit. After becoming demonised in the 70s in a violent fashion, disco seems to return every eight years or so, kicking and screaming, refusing to die. Attention: A rare pearl. The lyrics are all written in Danish, but I get the feeling that the words are not that important, as they are functioning more like topping on the cake.

I was also exposed to all kinds of crap. There are those of a similar vintage who embrace said crap nostalgically. It was like some sort of middle eastern acid-washed troupe from the future-past had landed on Montgomery street: neon-polka-dotted Arabic Casio keyboards, a mini percussion rack that could have belonged to either Jamie Lidell or my 4-year-old cousin, and a bunch of cutouts of safari animals. In many ways NDW was the new punk, as teenage angst and guitars were scrapped in favour of Dada and synthesizers.

Just wonderful. I want to have a dinner party just to play his music in the background. For a listing of the blogs sourced for the essay in the order used and to download the mix, please go to dalstonoxfamshop.

IT HAD been a house party just like any other. We realised things had gone waaaay wrong and rang an ambulance. Or rather, as was pointed out at the hospital, Ket cut with a cocktail of smack and GHB. One of them was so far gone that his heart had stopped beating and his parents had to be called by the nurses in case they died. All in all it was some pretty bad shit. But apparently not bad enough to stop two particularly nihilistic partygoers hoovering up the dregs from the bag — despite having seen two of their best friends carted out in an ambulance.

Nor was it bad enough to prevent either of those who were hospitalised from doing Ketamine again within a matter of weeks. Regular Ketamine use has increased fourfold since with an estimated , people now using it in the UK, with the drug already more widely used in some parts of the country than ecstasy. For the uninitiated, Ket is a tranquiliser known for its properties as disassociative anaesthetic.

Not a good look. But why Ketamine and why now? Well, for starters, a lack of anything else about. Such a drastic shift in narcotic consumption meant changes in the cultural landscape were inevitable, and following Nu Rave came increasingly dark scenes which mirror both the drugs and, in a broader sense, the times in which we live — starting with Nu Grave and culminating in the birth of the Darkwave era which we inhabit now.

It certainly does seem to be the new drug du jour, everyone seems to be doing it all of a sudden, even kids. At Reading Festival my local K dealer was 14! Seeking a sensory synchronicity with their adopted drug of choice many new Ketamine users have turned to slower, sparser musical forms to better suit the sedative, spaceshifting effects of Ket in order to get their groove on.

For many others taking Ket is simply part of the more one dimensional British tradition of getting wrecked. With the same kind of mentality as binge drinking, people are going out to clubs, not to dance or enjoy any kind of holistic experience, but simply to get wasted.

Combine this with its high levels of potency and its appeal for those seeking a cost-effective way of getting wrecked becomes apparent. Despite this cautionary tale Ketamine remains popular for its properties as a psychedelic. A lot of times people are there, and you have really nice conversations with them, in which you know everything about everything, then realize when a song changes that they were never there at all.

So with such a wide range of both uses and users where is all the Ketamine coming from? The Kingston Trio Thirteen Roses. Just Thirteen. I'm Not Dead [Clean]. I'm Not Dead [Bonus Tracks]. Broken Heart Thirteen Valleys. The Best of Big Country. E Pluribus Unum. This Is Thirteen [Bonus Tracks]. Thirteen Valleys. Without the Aid of a Safety Net. Get promoted. In Lyrics. By Artist. By Album.

ON THE COVER # MIRROR’S EDGE nu game > nu faith > new fun:) 40 PAUL BABYCAKES fashionable & famous! 38 LADY GAGA US pop star so pop soo popular / / .

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    Discover releases, reviews, credits, songs, and more about D.S* / Code 13 - 13 Song Split 7" at Discogs. Complete your D.S* / Code 13 collection.4/5(79).
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    D.S side recorded at Second Home, Umeå January-February Code 13 side recorded at Studio A in Minneapolis, March Third pressing, black vinyl/5(34).
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    D.S* / Code 13 D.S* / Code 13 - 13 Song Split 7" (EP) 6 versions Havoc Records.
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    Dec 13,  · If you're feeling lucky, sit back, slide your headphones on this Friday the 13th, and stream our thirteen 'Thirteen' songs: 1. 13 Ghosts II ♪ Nine Inch Nails 2. #13 ♪ The White Buffalo 3. File 13 ♪ AFI 4. 13 ♪ Megadeth 5. Chapter 13 ♪ +44 6. Aisle 13 ♪ Built To Spill 7. No 13 Baby ♪ Pixies 8. Room 13 ♪ Black Flag 9. Thirteen Author: Amanda Hutchison.
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    that was For the second verse I need someone to give me a number Between 12 and 14, I'll make a verse, 13 13, ah, 13, well, 13 multiplied by 1 You still 13 Hours at a Time Lonely Enclave.
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    Explore releases from Hour Of 13 at Discogs. Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from Hour Of 13 at the Discogs Marketplace.
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    Apr 14,  · Been awhile since I last did a video montage. Anyways, here is the 13th edition of the series also including footage from last year's Alberta trip. The song in this video is "Time .
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