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Kush Kush - snaer. - Veranda (Vinyl, LP, Album)

It is a thing where 40 years ago their parents got turned on to the music, couldn't play it too tough but these youth from in the belly, a lot of them have been hearing reggae. Then they go to school and they learn how to play it, better trained in many cases than our own musicians. Give thanks that our [Edna Manley] School of Music is now doing wonderful work over the last 12 years through Ibo Cooper.

The ball will spin and everywhere we go there is a reggae band. It's not like before. The youths who birth with it and come up with it assimilated it and are going to give you a variety of reggae according to the Japanese style, the Chinaman style, the African style, the European man style.

While I and I are still expressing variations to it. So expect for it to continue. What are you going to do? You make the music and people love it - they take it and start to create it! Laughs You plant the seed, it bears the fruit and everybody loves the fruit! So the musical fruit is out there and everybody is enjoying it and taking it a taste. They plant a seed in their yard and the seed grows up and is bearing fruit.

VAR : Pentateuch movement is always a movement that will keep on moving. It started out as Pentateuch band and now it evolved into something bigger than just a band. It is a collective effort of classmates, young musicians and producers, the likes of musicians like Kino who is our classmate and still plays in Morgan Heritage today.

So it is even more beautiful to just play music with my classmates and friends for over 10 years. Now we are even working on an album and the album will feature all of these Inna De Yard guys! We did our first tour in Europe and they were like " Uprising Roots put 35 years more on roots reggae music ". All the festivals wrote the highest stuff about us because we really bring the vibration. And we live it too because most people are singing but they are not living the vibration.

But everything is going to come into a fullness same way. Everything is in a full circle. It's going really well so far. I have one supposedly with Baz Baz and we're looking for a deal. I have one with a brother named Skanker which is more blues jazz type of feel. And I'm supposed to be doing something with my brethren Fixi.

We started a few tracks about six years ago. And I have a number of my personal tracks which I am working on. I'm just waiting for a little more, moolah - since you're British? Nowadays, vinyl is coming back up a bit but CDs are gone. The whole business is strange. Maybe musicians were getting too powerful and they didn't want the message to come out so that they could start really helping to reset the mindset. For certain companies your rhetoric is not what they prefer to sell. Bullshit is still the biggest market in the business, so if you're not into creating bullshit your career might not go as far.

If you're showing daggers or pins and needles at the system why the fuck should they want you? You just throw them in the bin and there is somebody else to come in and be thrown in the bin again. But I and I, I'm constantly at your head or your chest so your mind has to think about it and your heart has to feel it. We are using cookies on this website to give you the best, most relevant experience.

By continuing to use the website, you agree to the use of cookies. Further information on cookies can be found in our privacy policy. Why and how did you decide to do another Inna De Yard album? Softwork buy track 5. Freifahrt buy track 6. Dormingo buy track 7. Carribean Flirt buy track 8. Rillen Im Garten buy track 9. Analogue producing, timeless and unique. Contact Eintakt Records. Streaming and Download help.

Report this album or account. She sings one mysterious line about a man "wearing dads. Jerry Osborne answers as many questions as possible through this column.

All values quoted in this column are for near-mint condition. Newer Posts Older Posts Home. Subscribe to: Posts Atom. Search This Blog. One [ last thing. John Joseph brought up another good I point. I And what happened to him is pretty much going on I to me and a few others in my neck of the woods. Friends of mine for years, and one in particular!

Sorry for the length, but it could have been longer. I American schools, as in any other state, are cen-1 tered around patriotic indoctrination pledge of I alliegance. By the way, Daigo, ignorant people are! The review, written I by Lance Hahn, painted the zine as being! But in this particular!

This is what I feel the true strength of our I zine is - balance. I understand that MRR is constantly being bombarded by zines as the governing power of punk rock, inc. If a zine sucks, it sucks; but at least read through the suckiness before making a verdict. Sincerely, Jason D. First of all, I sort of had an e-mail argument with one of the mem- I bers of Anti-Flag a few months ago about elitism I in the punk rock scene, especially that having to J do with straightedge and veganism.

I mean, I am aware of the fact I that scenes tend to change slightly from place to J place, but that is sort of crazy. Anyway, just I about all of the straightedge, vegan, hardcore kids I know hate hardline and the elitism that goes with it as much as Justin seems to, so comparing them with hardliners just because they are proud to be vegan and sXe is a crock of shit. At least from what I have seen. Maybe it is different in his world. Presumptions like that are not at all different from racism, homophobia, or being a jock kid and beating the shit out of kids that look like punks of course, now all the jocks ask us punk kids to go get drunk with them thanks to Rancid and Green Day.

That is, unless we want to be our own little version of the fucking KKK. Ok, the interview. Who cares if it is radio-friendly? I mean, if the east coast scene is so DIY, why would a band try and play it if all they were looking for is cash?

I always thought that the entire purpose of punk rock was to offer kids a way to play music or express themselves otherwise without having to try and suck capitalist dick. A lot of kids that are very sincere about punk happen to like the type of music that is constantly being ripped on these days because of fucking traitors like Green Day.

I think so. And anyway, as long as the band makes enough cash to pay for gas and food until the next show, who cares how many kids are at their shows? I am straightedge. Hell, my sXe friends even make fun of that.

But that is really important to me. I hate the fucking fact that straightedge kids go around beating the shit out of kids that are not sXe; that is just wrong. It is a belief, and it is a belief that rules out ever being not straightedge. I know it sort of sucks to go to shows and hear a bunch of people talk about how much better they are than everyone else because they are straightedge, but think about how much it sucks for us? Half the time I go to shows people spill fucking beer on my or I reek of fucking smoke all night.

Not to mention the fact that everywhere I fucking walk there are signs telling me how much cooler I would be if I got drunk all of the time. I have not always been straightedge and I know what it is like for some whiny kid to give me shit about my own personal choice, but us sXe kids get the same shit from kids like you. That can get pretty fucking annoying, and we have to deal with it somehow.

Oh well. Kids like you are what brings about all of the separation within the scene. Going along with what I have been saying: not all vegans are elitists.

I mean, I am just a vegetarian so I really am not arguing my own side, but still I have a lot of vegan friends and they are cool with the fact that I still eat dairy and the fact that some of their friends still eat meat.

I am sure that there are a bunch of vegan assh oles out there, but once again that says nothing about vegans in general. So once again, what is the difference between that and homophobia or racism? Looking back on this letter, I feel I have been a bit too harsh on the band.

I mean, I am not perfect, and I am sure that the guys in Anti-Flag are putting a lot more into the scene than I am and I am grateful for it, believe me. No one out there has a completely open mind, but I feel it is our duty to continue to remind each to try and keep moving towards that. So this is just a reminder. At times it may seem like a bunch of insults, but 1 really mean them constructively, and I hope that is how they are taken.

Either way, I am sure the guys in Anti-Flag are all really cool and such, I just disagree with a lot of the things they said in their interview..

I justwant the band to know that despite our difference of opinions, I am still ordering their seven-inch because it sounds worth the risk, and if they ever come through Michigan I will be sure to check them out. I have booked to US tours for my band now, and I have rarely encountered a place as easy to get a show in as Gainesville, especially for local bands.

Me thinks they want to be Sunny Day Real Estate or something. Claus was not the most amicable person I have encountered by any stretch. Since we have only been around for about a year and a half, and have made relatively minor waves in that time, I see no reason for any to give two shits about us.

What I am getting extremely tired of is people abusing their right to free speech. If John Q. I have not spoken to him yet, but I plan on calling him tomorrow sometime, seeing as how I have the courtesy and respect to discuss my problems with people directly. Good luck finding someplace better.

Excuse me, what year is this? Sure, Thee Headcoats monthly even at St. Johns Tavern is always packed out, but what about the shows that happen there every other night of the week, where are these devotees then?

A recent show with the Diaboliks, who are much raved about in MRR was called off due to certain reasons, but the most overriding being that nobody was there to see it anyway. Bev Elliot, shut the fuck up about the UK Subs, and get a fucking clue.

Go for it I was at a show watching my friends, the Phoebes, play and I was the only person dancing with the exception of a few guys pogoing. I decided to make things a little less boring and jump into them. One girl spilled beer on herself and fucking cried. Her fraternity boyfriend tried to coax her.

It should be a place where a whole bunch of people go to have a good time. Some people thought I was going to cause a lot of trouble just because I had on some spikes. There were only a few people who were nice to me the same ones who were dancing and yelling funny shit just to have a good time and actually know how to have fun.

If you guys are I reading this then you rule! Sabrina Edgington A Dear fellow true punks you know who J you are : First of all, I want to apolo- gize for such a cheesy form letter, but! I feel the need to tell as many people about this! Please feel free to make I copies of this letter and send em to your friends. We have all witnessed the sudden rise ini popularity aka exploitation and commercialism I of our beloved punk rock by the likes of radio, I MTV and Rolling Stone.

We have also witnessed I the mass accumulation of wealth by such indie labels as Epitaph, Lookout! If you thought this was bad I The deal goes like this Time Bomb is I afraid that none of the punk bands that are worth I anything would want to sign to them because the I band knows it would be signing to BMG However, [ this is a scam.

Time Bomb can claim any Kung Fu band as their own at any time. Imagine being! What the fuck! It is bad enough to sell out punk rock, but I this shit is just fucking ridiculous.

Stay aware. Stay away from Kung Fu and Time Bomb. CASH at your risk! Foreign customers double-this charge. CA residents add 8. Please allow weeks for delivery.

Makes the perfect gift for a friend even better for lovers! Listen for guest appearence by Stink the Monkey Boy! Well only one way to find out, buy the record Goode Tyme Jhambhoree ppr Amazing new compilation album from Planet Pimp. Or Astroman? They were the best band at Fiestagrande this year, seriously. In the "wear earplugs cuz it's gonna hurt dept. Call Athena at Beyond essential! CD includes "Battle Of Opinions" 7". Send a Stamp for a complete catalog of all the cool stuff i got 4 sale.

MX W Watch for a west coast tour soon! Actually, this question is too hard. We must have an easier question to start off with. If so, who are these analogues and whom do they represent? If so, did you ever wonder whether the banc was in on the joke or whether the tell-tale cropping was merely a renegade act by a disgruntled graphic designer going 'fuck, man, these guys suck.

I shall undermine their to he seen. I rule the earth! I asked this question to a small! T experience and Queers this summer, and they all kind of just looked at me funny, so I maybe this is not so good of a question after all, although if you see this record for a couple bucks you should definitely! High five! Perhaps these ques-1 tions are too advanced to start out with.

Perchance a question less esoteric and exclusionary would be "how come i can't find glasses frames that don't SUCK? They all suck. They suck. Sunglasses frames always suck for real glasses.

They never fit right. They're designed with like, fuck, i don't know, girls or crack dealers or I something in mind, but i fuck up and get lenses put into sunglasses frames time and time again because i fall for the ol' sunglasses lens ploy. Then you go to a place that has sunglasses frames — which al- ways have the dark sunglasses lenses in the frames, you understand — and you start trying them on and looking in thej mirror, ana then it's like FRAME 1: Yo. I'm the Fonz. But what an ya do?

I have no respect or anyone who wears polycarbonate lens- in their glasses. Get con- acts if you wanna do that shit. You might s well. You're obviously all a bunch of ender-bending glam-rock fucks any- ay , only the special "extra-thick" plas- :ic lenses "extra thick," in my case, is bviously its own punch line i actually ave polycarbonate lenses in my Rec pecs, but that's okay because the frames re like purple rubber, which is obviously ery Punk and Manly — although my ontinuing inability to [as of PM "DT 4.

You gotta get your lenses put ito sunglasses frames. You have no hoice, because no one has any cool nerd ames a la B. Holly, E. Costello, D. Iris, et 1 anymore. The same mysterious forces ho orchestrated the kidnapping of my acred Mystic Antler Helmet in order to erail my laboriously crafted plans of galactic conquest — i.

Bah squared! Furious Norb, opened for the Humpers [on a hump day, yet, and still i couldn't manage to get humped]. I have been breaking my glasses for something like 25 years.

I have taped glasses back together. Duct tape. Electrical tape. Masking tape. I have glued glasses back together. Hot glue. Elmer's glue. Krazy Glue [after years of experimentation, i have come to the hard- fought conclusion that Krazy Glue WILL bond any two given surfaces together permanently, as long as one of the two surfaces is human skin.

Other than that, it's virtually useless]. It seemed like lies, man. Hollywood lies. Would this have happened if my band was opening for, like, Brainiac that night? Not a chance. Never in a million years. These sorts of things only happen if you're opening for bands like the Humpers — you know, "Rock And Fucking Roll" and all like that.

That, in so many words, it's hip to be square? But, since you brought it up, the sad fact of the matter is that true nerdliness is NOT currently in vogue, because NO true nerd plays up his nerdliness for "Nerd Points," except in a situation where The Nerd is stuck amidst a group of militant non-nerds jocks, lunkheads.

Marines, etc. Those who would publicly market themselves as nerds are not nerds. Losers, maybe. Nerds, never. A real nerd might admit he's a nerd, but they would never except in the one situation detailed earlier go but of their way to broadcast this fact to the masses. Nerd-core is a sham. I rest my case. I also want the earlier ones. I realize that ly familiar—operate upon different pr ciples. But never mind that, the real question came to me immediately after our set at the Humpers merchandise stand, where i perused their array of dry goods.

Further, i couldn't help but notice something a bit aesthetically, uh, askew about the shirt design. See, this question is too hard. A bunch of guys standing in front of an ill-lit club! Rock and Fucking Roll! Get it? It's thinly veiled sexual entendre! I dunno, man. Vulture Rock has come out with some of the best music of their career!

The package is really well done, with great football art by Al- teau. Every song on this fucker is a rocker. You should buy one immediately. This record gives you a taste of upcoming releases. Very strong! Quite punk!. The first song on side B, "Skaghead" fuckin' rocks like crazy.

These 'mature' oi boys still have the edge! Hot rats! It coulda happened this way: if the Spider Babies had an illegitimate mon- goloid child with Teengenerate. Rockin' shit! This Screaming Apple 45 is called "Get Out", the title song being an original rocket-fueled Registrators-type vehicle.

Get it! The singing is the full-on, screaming variety. Blistering drums, bass, gee-tar, power mad this fuck over the top. On Beer City. A pretty good split right here, right now!

Wise words for you Keystone State punkers. These blokes formed in and with Rude A. Check it out! They give you a Frederic Nietzsche quote: "The Christian resolve to find evil and ugly has made the world evil and ugly. In an even rawer form.

Write to The Unseen: Central St. Punk rock! Not to take anything away from Journeymen punk rockers like the Utters and the Punx, but The Workin' Stiffs stole the show! Dave, Mike, Mundo and Eric have developed into one of the best street punk bands in this city or any other. In next month's column, I will be exploring the shredding world of straight edge and powerpop. Let me know what you think! Want people to be able to hear your music even if they don't have access to your records, tapes or CDs?

Have a message that you want to tell the world? Well, in a way, I am. The internet as a whole, and web publishing in particular, is the small press of the future. Learning how to write web pages is easy, and it should only take you a day or two to learn the rudiments. Music and video files are usually large and take forever to download from the net, so anyone accessing your songs have to have a bit of patience to hear your music.

People also misrepresent themselves online, and you can get swindled. Of course, it is still punk as usual —just flip back to the classified ads in this rag and take your chances there. I have also found couches to crash on, places for my band HAGGIS to play, and even gained some international distribution for our records by finding kids in other countries to trade with or consign to.

And, of course, if it weren't for the internet, you wouldn't be reading this column, and there would be a big blank space on this page. I also got e-mail from Peter Garmaz garmaz iconz. Peter tola me that he has met a lot of cool people from around the world, and also has found out about a bunch of bands that otherwise he never would have heard of, since, according to him, the punk scene in NZ is so small.

I guess what I'm getting at is that the net isn't a panacea for punk rock, but it is just as useful of a tool as is an ad in a fanzine, or sending your records to radio stations, or writing to punks in other cities or countries as pen pals. Okay, now onto this months web sites for you to check out. While some of these organizations seek to ban racist, fascist, or hate speech, these two seem to fight it by exposing the idiocy of it all.

I don't agree with banning speech which I don't like or agree with, but I do agree with providing information to show people the stupidity behind certain ideas. This site is an excellent primer on fascism, and a look at what has been and is being done to counter it. There are a number of links to other anti racist sites, as well as articles about racism, fascism, and anti-racist rallies.

Definitely worth your time to check out. I should have more information on their decision by next issue, and I will keep you informed about it. It is a very interesting place to browse, whether you are just curious, or a hardcore practitioner. This is a great start, and can only get better by the time you read this. FTP is basically a way to get files and software from the net, if you log into an FTP directory and know what you're looking for.

In addition, most of the newest web browsers will let you visit ftp sites and download files, if you put the correct information in the URL window. The reason I bring this up is because Burkhard Jaerisch of FLEX magazine has put together an punk discography of thousands of punk releases, and made them available online as a text file.

In order to read this file, you will need the pkunzip program to un-archive it, so if you don't know how to do that, find someone who does. Once you have the file, just load it into your word processor and look up your favorite bands.

Happy reading. If you're interested in more music related links, here are a couple more for you to check out. It's good for the ska related stuff though, so take time to look at it. Well, that's all I have time for now. Of course, I can be reached via e-mail at hanford primenet. See you next month. The following anonymous tale came in recently. The author promises more. He just made a u-tum and left the lot. It turned out to be a series of rooms being made into a gymnasium.

Most of it was locked up but one tool chest, which I assumed was for group access tools, was open. The office had some nice hardware to boot. I asked a couple of my snoopmates if they wanted to partake in the looting but they declined and warned me about using kung fu for evil like at a shopping mall, or any "normal" place.

And they're right; pop zones are foreign camps and contain too many potential snitches and, also, police protect retail zones a lot better I than they ao industrial zones. Also, my associates declined cus they're wusses, not that they'll admit it.

When I won't do a crime it's because I'm "afraid," but when they won't do one it's I because they're "cautious. I It was a dark and stormy night. I I parked my car about a block away from I the parking lot and waited for the securi- I ty dork to do his drive by check. Al- I though it was in an open lot, well lit, I just walked to the scaffolding, no logos; no tattoos or piercings;no pretentious, false I badges of negation; I waved no banners I decrying other peoples consumerism; the only tools that I brought were gloves and I plain clothes.

Creating no small amount of frus tration, the slide away box previously covering the cubby hole was missing anc. I an annoyingly firm wall had been con- I structed there. Retardedly, I got mad and stomped around in a circle a few times, on and off the curb, like a brat not getting I his way until I decided to just make the most it before the security truck came I around again and just go up the scaffold. I to the roof I might add that scaffolds are also are the platform used in executions where criminals are hanged.

I I looked down the deep snaft and saw a I faint light that could mean the peace of I mind I've been looking for all my life anc without hesitation started climbing down it and only halfway down did I grow a little concerned about the flimsiness of the aluminum frames.

Label: Let Them Eat Vinyl Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP Box Set - 4 LPs Sealed Colored Vinyl - Clear LP1 1. Intro 2. Incident On 57th Street 3. Mountain Of Love 4. Born To Run 5. The E Street Shuffle 6. Wings For Wheels (Thunder Road) 7. I Want You LP2 8. Spirit In The Night 9. Shes The One Growin Up Its Hard To Be A Saint In The.

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  1. Daisho says:
    “Veranda”, which was previously released in the year on music cassette, is now available on inch vinyl including three new bonus tracks ft. on guitar The young Flensburg based producer’s beats are nodding and laidback with a lo-fi flavour, well-dosed vocal sprinkles and jazzy samples.
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    ‎Album · · 20 Songs. Available with an Apple Music subscription. Try it clicgingwilciconne.landmanjeulolafordegumanfawave.cog: Kush Kush.
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    snaer. - Veranda - Vinyl LP - - EU - Original kaufen im Online Music Store von HHV - Neuheiten & Topseller auf Vinyl, CD & Tape - Versandkostenfrei bestellen ab 80€!Artist: snaer.
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    snaer. - Veranda (LP) jetzt ab 10,95 € inkl. MwSt - Dieser Artikel enthält: 1x LP - kaufen im Vinyl Digital Musik Shop - Original - Hip Hop / Rap, Deutschland - weltweiter Versand!Missing: Kush Kush.
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  6. Fegore says:, Paul Prime, snaer. – The Tapeinvader Edition. Tapes #32 steht ganz im Zeichen des Label aus dem hohen Norden der BRD hat die Kassetten – east. blue blvd, Paul Prime – Blue Cheese und snaer. – leaves auf mein heimisches Tape Deck ist hier im Blog kein Unbekannter. und Paul Prime feiern dagegen ihre Premiere bei.
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    The duo of Sanae Yamada and Wooden Shjips’ Ripley Johnson, Moon Duo’s debut album Escape has been out of print since its release on Woodsist a decade ago. However, to mark its tenth anniversary, Sacred Bones re-issues the record in an expanded vinyl version, including three bonus rare tracks that capture the band in an even earlier, rawer form.
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    DJ Krush - Jaku (Black Vinyl) (LP) jetzt ab 25,95 € inkl. MwSt - Dieser Artikel enthält: 2x LP - kaufen im Vinyl Digital Musik Shop - Original - Beat Art, Downtempo / Downbeat - weltweiter Versand!
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