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Lets Do It Right - Commodores - Caught In The Act (Vinyl, LP, Album)

This Is Your Life. Lionel Richie. Let's Do It Right. Better Never Than Forever. Look What You've Done to Me. Wide Open Reprise. Wide Open Walter Orange. CO Fiddler's Green Hartford. NY Darien Lake P. CA Coors Amphitheatre Burgettstown. CA Shoreline Amphitheatre www. Also included, the hottest acts blasting on the scene and what the future holds.

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Plus we feature the hottest venues, labels, media outlets, studios, retailers and other music businesses. Don't miss your chance to get your ad in this city-wide spotlight! You Walk Like A Peasant," a quiet, soul- influenced record that marks the hand's first collection of new material in almost two years. But as the Glasgow septet discov- ered when it entered the studio to record the album, capturing the idea!

A long time. It did at least for those who survived it Halfway through record- ing, bass player Stuart David dropped out of the band to focus full-time on his other group, Looper. However, after struggling for six months to come up with the right feel for the new album, by last summer, band members began exchanging pieces of unfinished songs and even wrote songs together.

It also produced "Legal Man," a single of non-album material released on Tuesday 16 , that features some of the band's first collectively penned songs, including the title track and the instru- mental "Judy Is A Dick Slap.

Touring is limited, too. In the U. While no commercial single from the album is yet planned, the band will release a still undetermined free MPS download from it on the Matador Web site two weeks prior to release.

Arab Strap. Witness U. But after working on their own reputa- tion at home, they're preparing to export it to the U. The quartet known simply as Witness at home; the suffix was added to avert a clash with a similarly named U. That's witne some 10 months after the set was issued in Britain, where the band is still in a developmental stage at retail and radio.

But Witness U. J is all we talk about at the moment; it's what we wanted to do from the beginning. When w-e first wanted to sign with a record company, we said this was where we wanted to end up. So many of our influences are American, people like Tom Waits and Pavement. They write beau- tiful songs that are very introspec- tive. Very few [bands] out of Eng- land are doing that now. To build the band's base, MCA plans to focus on the basics of retail, touring, and press. X5 3 Liter in stock now.

Inquiries contact Richard. I wanted to have something that felt like it was a complete album. It started in one place and ended somewhere. The piano-driven "Forever Friend" was written in one night. Some- one wanted me to sing 'Happy Birthday' to this person, but I did- n't want to just sing 'Happy Birth- day,' " says Stone. Stone's favorite song on the album, the syrupy-sweet "Nobody I. I doubted I would ever finish the song, but when I finally finished it, it turned out to be one of my favorites.

The three began per- forming frequently in the Las Angeles area, quick- ly developing a buzz for their live shows. In Sher- inian's home studio, the Leopard Room, the group then began to write and she record material together.

The resulting "Universe," which Sherinian describes as "extreme pro- gressive fusion, with definite rock- 'n'roll edges to it," will be released June 6 on InsideOut Music America. Working with Donati and Mac- Alpine has been both challenging and rewarding, Sherinian notes. Besides co-producing "Universe," Sherinian manages the act, which will perform on a Hitman Agency-booked world tour this summer. The formation of the ad hoc label came as a direct result of Hausman and Mann setting up Mann's Web site and retail distribution for her new album, "Bach- elor No.

Hence the formation of UM, which will now be the home for Mann's album. Hausman says it's unclear whether Mann's Super- Ego imprint will continue to exist.

It also hopes to release Penn's album, "MP4," which he's trying to buy back from Epic. UM will charge a distribution fee and take an additional percentage for the other services, based on record sales.

Hausman, Mann, and Penn will jointly decide on other artists brought into the collective. They got their record back from Capitol, and we're going to discuss it. In addition to album distribution through RED, the releases will be available through a UM Web site, which is under construction. The UM Web site will also link to the artists' individual sites. Given the economies of scale, Hausman says he expects UM's artists to make more money selling HI by Melinda Newman fewer albums than they would have to on a major label.

Now it's got to be at least platinum," he says. Not that we're not aiming for much higher sales. All shows are free and open to all ages. Opening each gig will be a local act selected via a contest run through regional media and nationally through alloy.

For the tour's final stop — Aug. In addition to landing the opening slot, the winner will get to record a demo at Capitol's famed studio. In its first licensing deal not relat- ed to the King, Elvis Presley Enterprises has inked an agreement to represent Rick Nelson's name, like- ness, and image. The Los Angeles event will be hosted by Devo. The auction, which concludes May 21, benefits the T. Turned it up? Been moved? Had the blues? Been the number one i'an? Felt it was written for you?

Nuevas Ediciones soam. Barry am, Mark P. The three-day event drew more than 2, people. Flia Entertainment. Gathered after the opening night performance, from left, are Tony Martinez, president, Latinflava.

Pedro Knight. Shown, from left, are Heineken's Scott Hunter Smith, brand manager, and Joseph Carvajal, associate brand manager; Billboard's Howard Appelbaum, associate publisher, marketing and licensing, and Irwin Kornfeld.

Shown at the party following the awards show, from left, are Chris Dickens. VP of operations. Billboard Live International. Fonovisa recording act El Simbolo performs at a show- case at Level nightclub.

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See for yourself. Visit www. Join Us! Cash contributed his own reflections on the collections, which survey his love songs, gospel mater- ial, and murder ballads. Legacy senior VP Jeff Jones says, "We really believe we've created, with Johnny, three incredible, inter- esting, vibrant new compilations. I think people can find new parts of him that they may not have ever heard before.

Cash says, "He came up with thus concept of these three albums I said, 'Why don't we just simplify it and call it 'Love God Murder? But I did sug- gest a few songs for each CD. The collec- tions do not contain anything from Cash's tenure at Mercury- Records. Each album's Digipak package includes additional liner notes. Cash says of Bono, "Gosh, it must be 20 years ago, the first time I met Bono and all the guys.

They came to my house here in Hendersonville; they came two or three different times. And every time we played Dublin, we saw them and sang with them onstage. We talked a while He and I became friends right away. He's from Knoxville, Tenn. We wanted to give them a specific feel and also make sure that people knew; when they were individually racked at retail, that they were part of a series.

We're going to have display material at retail. We're going to set up promotions. During the whole process, we've been working togeth- er with Sony Nashville. We'll work with the Sony Nashville radio pro- motion team to do on-air promotions and giveaways. We've asked John- ny to speak with select media about these projects. Allen Larman, roots music buyer at Rhino Records in L.

He's be- come an icon to everyone, from alternative people to country people, ever since those records [American Recordings owner and producer] Rick Rubin did. Like the rest of Cash's catalog, those titles will receive a boost through the promo- tion of the new compilations. Representation: Richard Pawelczyk Esq. COM 20 www. Look closely and you'll see that one of the bricks in the wall was laid by Pozzoli, the Italian firm which developed and manufactured the packaging for Pink Floyd's new double CD in the form of a stylish, intriguingly constructed book.

So make sure your CDs have the impact they deserve. Make the right choice. Choose Pozzoli. Pozzoli's packaging. Easy to tell. Easy to sell. UK Tel. Via G. We're trying to cross- promote both of them. However, Cash is not resting on his laurels. Now recovered from the bout of pneumonia that put him in the hospital last October, he entered the studio in Nashville in late April to resume work on a new album for American, with Rubin again producing.

But 1 don't think so. The amount of time Cash spent listening to his old material didn't spur him to revisit it again in the current sessions. I hope to have Merle as a guest on my album. The four- month, nationwide mall tour was launched March Stone will also be taking part in a Nabisco "Back To School" promotion with seven other musical acts.

Capone says radio is Universal's No. For r Cinema is also music. Listen to Cinema. The studio has consistently turned out a series of major pop records from its films that dominate not only the charts but the Oscars as well. So it would follow that the studio's latest blockbuster-to-be "Dinosaur" would do the same — however, that's not the case. Could the reason behind the decision be a positioning issue for the film, which appears to be geared equally to grown-ups and kids?

Howard Songs, in the architecture of a film, can give the ear relief from a score that is wall-to-wall music and be refreshing. But in this case, a number of surprising things occurred. One, it was hard to put lyrics in this film with- out it feeling too on-the-nose. Second, we found the film could real- ly absorb a huge scale of music. There was really no limit to what I could throw at this thing in terms of the size of the orchestra- tions, level of intensity — it just soaked it up.

It's one of the three best scores that I've worked on in the 15 years I've been here, from the pure musicality of it. It plays a much more significant role than in traditional motion pictures — although I didn't know that going in.

This is the hardest movie I've ever done because there's so much music that is so signifi- cant. In a regular feature, you've got a few pieces that are promi- nent, and then you connect those.

In 'Dinosaur' you've got eight or nine of those big pieces, and each was cut like a record in itself. This just may be true for DreamWorks' "Road Trip. It boasts a nice mix of previously released tracks from such established acts as Kid Rock, Run-D.

The soundtrack for Robert Redford's latest directorial endeavor is being helmed by Dream- Works' Nashville division. Whether Will Smith, one of the film's stars, will be contributing any cuts is still under discussion. Charles Karel Bouley can he reached at , or E-mail him at Kareiapkarel-andreiaeom. When an alburn reaches this level, the album and the artist's subsequent albums are immedi- ately ineligible to appear on the Heatseekers chart.

All albums are available on cassette and CO. CD Albums with the greatest sales gains. C Los Ange- les-based dance act Baila which means "to dance" in Spanish is an ensem- ble of seasoned artists. Our goal with this music is to make people leel good and to get up and move. Daly says, "The album has a variation of romantic bal- lads, midtempo grooves, and fast street songs. In July, the group is touring as the opening act for Christina Aguil- era in Canada.

He says, "Being in Spyro Gyra is great, but it's like being on an island, and making this solo album was like going to the mainland. Ween White Pepper 2. Stalk X Wisconsin Death Trip 3. Chid Brock Yes!

Blue Han Group Audio 7. Die Heatherty Swmming In Champagne 9. Sole SWA Oeeo 3. Kathie Lee Gfflord bom For You 4. Ween White Pepper 5. Trin-i-tee Spiritual Love 7. Their brother, Donnie Van Zant, has been the front man of. Jimmie Van Zant says of his songwriting style, "I'm not a fantasy writer. I just write stuff that I've experienced in life, or about my friends, or some- thing we've all been through.

The label releases her self- titled, English-language debut album May The album's first single is "I Will Love Again. Having emerged from the Los Angeles underground, Dilated Peoples bring a positive message to the hip-hop world with "The Platform," the group's Capitol Records debut album, due May The current single is the al- bum's title track. Group member Evidence says that Dilated Peoples' mu- sic is "cutting-edge tradi- tionalism, balanced, full- flavored, and robust. We want people who hear it to feel completed.

But the idiosyncratic duo has called New Orleans home since , and its first full-length album reflects that fabled city's untrammeled wildness. Bob Ezrin Colo mbu Despite suffering a series of personnel setbacks in recent years, the Jay- hawks remain the y'aiternative mas- ters of sweet melodies and soaring harmonies. On "Smile," one of the finest releases of the new millennium thus far , the band finds itself back at the top of its game with a collection of country-influenced gems that, at their best, transcend genre classification.

The title track and "Better Days" are reminiscent of the best moments of 's "Tomorrow The Green Grass," while "What Led Me To This Town" is a lush, bittersweet future classic that is arguably the greatest song front man Gary Louris has ever penned.

If there's one problem with the album, however, it's that Louris and company attempt to rock a bit too much for their own good, resulting in a handful of generic guitar-driven songs that are immediately forgettable.

But the band's softer side is so strong here that it more than compensates for the rock filler. Sure, pure polka flavor saturates "The Process. If your '80s pop experience included bands like Madness and the Specials, then cuts like the giddy "Golden Opportunity" and "So Rich" will leave you happily awash in nostalgia.

Meanwhile, kids who subscribe to the quirky fodder of No Doubt and Smash mouth should find percussive gems like "I Think I Lost Something'' not to mention a deliriously loungy cover of Foreigner's "Double Vision" irresistible. Band- leader Cart Finch gets a big thumbs-up for deftly, almost subversively educat- ing listeners by wrapping rich cultural sounds and concepts with candy-sweet hooks and hard-driving instrumenta- tion. After one listen to "The Process," novices will be reaching for Brave Combo's fine back catalog — and lining up to catch 'em in concert.

With a little more of the same — while also mining new ground that leaves the lis- tener pleasantly intrigued. Spears may not be a vocal acrobat a la colleagues Jessica Simpson and Christina Aguilera, but she does have an instantly recogniz- able style — and "Oops!

And, unlike several of the key songs on her breakthrough debut, " Baby One More Time," "Oops! A sense of occasion pervades the four symphonies and other pieces, and the year-old Toscanini's direction is more lyrical and less hard-driven than it could often be, with particular success in Symphony No.

The live mono recording has been painstakingly remastered, and it comes off remark- ably rich and present, although there are the inevitable glitches and gaffes as well as an audience that occasional- ly sounds as if it were imported from a tuberculosis ward.

Excellent liner notes add to the set's allure. The U. The British mezzo was at the cusp of star- dom, and this brave performance raised her stature several notches.

Baker takes some getting used to for those accustomed to lighter, more con- temporary voices in the role, yet her way with Dido's final lament is quite moving in its measured intensity. Many fine period-instrument perfor- mances of this Baroque masterpiece have come since, yet Anthony Lewis and the English Chamber Orchestra still sound good.

The recording is suit- ably renowned and has been restored beautifully. Edges and spine will have very light if any rubbing, corners may have a little very light scuffing. May have stickers but no writing.

Slight yellowing if it is a lighter color. No moisture or other stains. May have cut-out. May have some writing but fairly unobtrusive, does not have large or heavy writing. Edges and spine may have some rubbing and scuffs.

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Classical Dramas Romance. Blues Folk Piano Pop. Chillout Nu-Jazz Trip Hop. New Age. Healing Meditation Nature Relaxation. Pop Rap Rap Rock. Spoken Word. World Music. Caught In The Act Commodores.

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1. Wide open clicgingwilciconne.landmanjeulolafordegumanfawave.cory when wet bump 4.I'm ready is your life's do it right never than forever what you've done to me 9.Y.

9 thoughts on “Lets Do It Right - Commodores - Caught In The Act (Vinyl, LP, Album)”

  1. Diran says:
    View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Caught In The Act on Discogs. Label: Tamla Motown - STML ,Tamla Motown - 0C • Format: Vinyl LP, Album • Country: UK • Genre: Jazz, Funk / Soul • Style: Jazz-Funk, Soul/5(28).
  2. Zulugis says:
    Where do I start? This, to me, is the defining album of what The Commodores were all about in their prime. A musical, story-book journey into the web of love like only they can portray. I actually saw them perform some of the tracks of this in concert, and it was a blast! Talk about a group that gives you your money's worth!/5(37).
  3. Moogugor says:
    Let's Do it Right. You Don't Know that I Know. Better Never than Forever. THE COMMODORES " CAUGHT IN THE ACT" VINTAGE VINYL RECORD ALBUM. $ + $ shipping. COMMODORES: Caught In The Act LP, Record Album. Details about COMMODORES: Caught In The Act LP, Record Album. COMMODORES: Caught In The Act LP, Record Album Brand: TAMLA MOTOWN.
  4. Arazilkree says:
    37 rows · "Caught In The Act" still qualify as "The Commodores" at their funky best! Yes, .
  5. Zologami says:
    Commodores ‎– Caught In The Act Label:Tamla Motown ‎– SWX Format:Vinyl, LP, Album Country:Japan Released Genre:Jazz, Funk / Soul Style:Funk, Rhythm & Blues, Soul Tracklist A1 Wide Open A2 Slippery When Wet A3 The Bump A4 I'm Ready A5 This Is Your Life B1 Let's Do It Right B2 Better Never Than Forever B3 Look What You've Done To Me.
  6. Tenos says:
    Buy Commodores - Caught In The Act - Vinyl LP - - US - Original at great prices and variety online @ HHV - Worldwide Shipping! B1 Let's Do It Right. B2 Better Never Than Forever. B3 Look What You've Done To Me. B4 You Don't Know That I Know. B5 Wide Open (Reprise) Commodores.
  7. Grorn says:
    Caught in the Act is the second studio album by Commodores, released in (see in music).Stylistically, this is a funk/R&B album and differs from the softer pop sound for which the group became known on later releases.
  8. Taujar says:
    The sophomore slump wasn't a problem for the band's first album, Machine Gun, was quite promising, but its sophomore album, Caught in the Act, is even superb LP, which the Commodores produced and arranged with James Carmichael, is more diverse than its mostly up-tempo are plenty of up-tempo funk gems; .
  9. Dijar says:
    All about the album of Commodores - Caught In The Act. Commodores's album Caught In The Act | motown records | MS1 | US from on Motown records. LP ALBUM REISSUE: TAMLA MOTOWN: STMLO AUSTRALIA: LP ALBUM: TAPECAR: MS1: BRAZIL: LP ALBUM: Let's Do It Right. 00'00 (5 / 1) 1. 7. Better Never Than .

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