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My Little Girl - Roy Harper - Commercial Breaks (CD, Album)

I love the album. I love Roy's dry, sardonic, and witty remarks, and also his constant tuning throughout the album. The music speaks for itself. Thanks for the knighthood! If Bob Geldof got one, then I certainly deserve the title!

Thanks a million "Awe Some" in reverse! Hopefully, we'll communicate again soon! Post a Comment. C recommends Mizar6 Get this crazy baby off my head! And I really think that when they do we're going to have another top songwriter up there. He's brilliant. The fact that it is so revelatory makes its unearthing all the more rewarding. This is the almost complete gig from an August of show that finds Roy Harper coming out of his Jansch-inspired, neo-Dylan period into his more progressive, acoustic one.

At this stage, Harper had a flawless falsetto, which complemented his ever-increasing guitar acumen quite nicely. Both are put to good use on an early and much faster prototype for "Hors D'Oeuvres," a song which eventually showed up on 's Stormcock. Perhaps the best song is "McGoohan's Blues," a minute epic which lacks the clumsy band arrangement that marred the album version.

Harper and crowd seem in a mood and mindset typical for the period, and he even mentions that a certain James Page whom he recently met had shown an interest in learning his instrumental, "Blackpool. This release shows Harper to be as talented as anyone from that period. It should be regarded as his only essential release, save possibly for his debut, from that era.

Around the time that Harper - the first of many tagged "the English Bob Dylan" - was singing his guts out in a cellar in Soho, the original was entertaining a slightly larger audience on the Isle of Wight. The London crowd got the better deal, and probably cheaper tickets, too, if the five bob quoted on the repro'd flyer is anything to go by.

They even got to hear Harper's Dylan impression on North Country. For his fans, the album is an interesting snapshot of the developing transition from the early, if not innocent, short songs from the first brace of albums to the longer suites that would make Harper's name and see him through most of the Seventies.

Fortunately, some of the between-song banter is also recorded and, as anyone who' seen him live will know, that's half the fun of his shows.

The paucity of bootlegged live material from this era will ensure that the man's many admirers will devour this offering, but there is enough freshness captured on this disc, even after all these years, to tickle the ears of even the most jaded of non-believers. It's an excellent album from one of the great unsung heroes of British folk rock.

A man with a soft, unique singing style, and a hugely underrated guitarist. His music can be very complex, and unmelodic, but there is a lot of talent embedded in his songs, and he is a hugely creative artist. It is hard to compare any other musician to him. His music has influenced many great artists, as diverse as Led Zeppelin, and Kate Bush. He has been backed by Paul McCartney, and many more influential artists throughout his long career.

Roy Harper is a creative genius. Again, like so many other great artists, he still has not "hit the big time. Give his music a hearing.

Listen to his stunningly original "Stormcock" and "Bullinamingvase" albums, and his great "One of Those Days in England" album, and buy his tremendous "Once" album, on which Dave Gilmour and Kate Bush play. You Don't Need Money But for now, Roy is content with just being out there, as if he really needed more of an excursion into madness.

Folkjokeopus is not the worst album in Roy's canon but it's a far cry from later classic albums like Stormcock or Lifemask. Review by friso Prog Reviewer. Less successful are "Northern Island", "Little Lady" and "Bank of the Dead", which take most of the album's first side. Concerning these, Harper fails to maintain his sense of sincerity and interest so the songs come off as either trite or plodding.

I personally find that Lifemask follows both Flat, Broke Berserk, from , and Stormcock not only chronologically and in also being successful artistically. However, I can't imagine listening one of these albums without the other two, so I would have to agree that even with it's faults Lifemask is also another early Harper essential. So, 3 stars for this album the song's that work. Perhaps the only totally consistent Roy Harper album with no bad tracks it only has 4.

Everything on the record has a reason to bere there, and this is truly one of the few albums I listen to from start to finish everytime and find something new and exciting each time, even after 30 years. This is a must have masterpiece from the most under-rated artist of the s.

I love them all, but this is without question the most special. Hor D'oerves is a song Roy Harper described in interviews as being lightweight. Compared with what came in the last 3 songs, that might be true, but it's a fine, laid back and rivetting start to the album. The Same Old Rock is where the meat of the album really starts. An angry lament about the folly of organised religion, it weaves in and out before knocking you down with a killer coda something the final track does too.

Andy played on this with other great musicians. Jimi Hendrix was presented with a signed copy by Roger and Mike. Lyrics to Andy's Music. The Liverpool Scene. Pink Floyd.

Iain Matthews. Hank Wangford. Roy Harper. Yellow Dog. The Singing Playwrights. Dan Kibler Haunted Das alles zusammen erzeugt eine luftige, sommerliche und farbige, in der Tat magische und mystische Klangwelt. Details und Rezension. Direkter Sprung zur Band:. Kein Problem mit dem Alben-Filter.

Oktober Rezensionen und Bandinfos. Jedes Album hat seine eigene Rezensionsseite. Die Besprechungen stehen hier chronologisch untereinander. Viele Rezensenten lassen sich auch direkt anmailen. In diesem Fall ist auf den Rezensionsseiten der -Button neben dem Verfassernamen aktiv - einfach anklicken.

Links und Bezugsquellen. Bosen A. Dave Cochran was a member of Trigger, which was the band that made HQ. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Not to be confused with Commercial break. Roy later attended a "guns for cash" charity drive sponsored by Oliver, though he didn't want the money. Thea questioned him about the guns, but he claimed it was an old part of his life.

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Despite her disdain of Thea, Sin admitted to Roy that she'd begun to warm up to her. Roy placed his red flechette in order to call for the Arrow. Once he'd arrived, he helped to intercept an exchange of counterfeit plates. Despite being told to remain behind, Roy ran in behind the Arrow, tackling one of the fleeing criminals right as the police arrived.

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Sometime later, Roy went to meet Moira Queen , coincidentally being there at the same time as Thea. Moira encouraged Roy and Thea to stay together against her attorney 's urging, as she wanted Thea to be happy. Sometime later, Roy attended Moira's opening trial with Thea and Oliver.

Later at the club, Roy noticed Thea's obvious distress, trying to bring out her anger by giving her boxing gloves and making her punch him to release the anger. While investigating, Roy discovered a blood drive that was hosted by Sebastian Blood on the last day Max was seen.

Later, Max was found dead. Roy took a picture of his body— specifically that Max's eyes bled out - and informed the Arrow but was told not to look into it. Angered, Roy told the Arrow that he wouldn't be his informant anymore and that he and his friends were going to look into it. Roy was brought to the Queen Mansion , where Thea and Sin secretly looked after him.

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Roy Harper (born 12 June ) is an English folk rock singer, songwriter and guitarist. He has released 32 albums (including 10 live albums) across his year career. As a musician, Harper is known for his distinctive fingerstyle playing and lengthy, lyrical, complex compositions, reflecting his love of jazz and the poet John Keats.. His influence has been acknowledged by Jimmy Page, Robert.

9 thoughts on “My Little Girl - Roy Harper - Commercial Breaks (CD, Album)”

  1. Gahn says:
    'Commercial Breaks' was an album that was intended for release in but didn't make it to the shelves until almost ten years later. No proper musicians' credits are given in this release. Musicians names are mentioned by Roy Harper in his liner notes. Made in Austria.4/5(9).
  2. Mabar says:
    Commercial Breaks was supposed to be the follow-up to Roy Harper's acclaimed release, Bullinamingvase, but was shelved due to a dispute with EMI. It came out in an amended form in as Loony on the Bus, but was not officially released with its originally intended title until /
  3. Nikoktilar says:
    Partly uninspired due to Roy's scuffle with his record label, this "unreleased" album from still has some fine moments. Come Up And See Sometime is warmly superb as the funky Square Boxes, which pokes fun at conformity. Still, it's a must have for Harper fans/5(4).
  4. Tura says:
    Commercial Breaks, provisionally entitled 'Commercial Breaks' (doesn't it?), is the eighteenth studio album by Roy Harper. It was recorded in , intended for release in /79, but not officially released in its entirety until Genre: Rock.
  5. Guktilar says:
    The complete album was eventually released in by Science Friction on CD (HUCD) with two extra songs not originally on the album i.e. "Burn The World Part 1" and "Playing Prison" (both songs were on 'Loony On The Bus')5/5(3).
  6. Vim says:
    Roy Harper & Black Sheep: Commercial Breaks is a music studio album recording by ROY HARPER (Prog Folk/Progressive Rock) released in on cd, lp / vinyl and/or cassette.
  7. Shaktijar says:
    Nick Harper Roy Harper Producer: Drums Guitar Guitar, Vocals. Originally released as a limited edition (2,) cassette available by mail order but released on CD as Unhinged. Recorded live: Tracks ,7,13 - Wolverhampton on 29 November Tracks 4,14 - Manchester on 17 November Tracks 5,8 - London on 1 June
  8. Terr says:
    Objectively, Roy Harper's masterpiece (although he preferred HQ personally). Perhaps the only totally consistent Roy Harper album with no bad tracks (it only has 4). It's just him in the main, with some help from Jimmy Page on "The Same old Rock", and some light orchestration from Peter Jenner on the closing epic "Me and My Woman".
  9. Vokazahn says:
    Roy Harper - 'Man & Myth' Released on Bella Union. CD, FLAC and MP3 available here at the Roy Harper Shop. Vinyl LP available at Amazon. Reviews “Harper's first album in 13 years is a magnificent, ambitious rejuvenation.” – Uncut.

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