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Pif - Gammy Bird - ep (CD)

In Canada's Hudson Bay, important eider die-offs were observed in the s by local populations due to quickly changing ice flow patterns. The Canadian Wildlife Service has spent several years gathering up-to-date information on their populations, and preliminary results seem to show a population recovery. Eiders are colonial breeders. They nest on coastal islands in colonies ranging in size of less than to upwards of 10,, individuals. This can lead to a high degree of relatedness between individuals nesting on the same island, as well as the development of kin -based female social structures.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Gammy Bird. Species of bird. Conservation status. Linnaeus , Breeding range. Play media. Tummi and Gusto then go on a dangerous mission to locate a replacement Gummiberry sapling.

When Gruffi, Zummi and Grammi go on a rescue mission to find Tummi and Gusto, they encounter talking trees who want revenge for the Gummis deserting them during the Great Gummi Exodus. Sunni and Gusto meet a mermaid, Aquarianne, and her sea beast guardian, Finwithit. When Gusto invents a decoy to lure ogres away from Gummi Glen, it fools the ogres, but also attracts the humans, who start looking around the forest.

It is up to Gruffi and Gusto to save the glen. While trying to find out why winter is still persisting in Dunwyn alone, Sunni, Tummi and Cubbi encounter a frost giant named Chillbeard who uses a "wind horn" to freeze everything. The cubs wonder why Chillbeard seems immature for the "Lord of Winter", wanting to play games instead of allowing spring to start. Sunni saves a squirrel-like shapechanger called a boggle, from a hungry wolf and takes it back home.

But a shape-changer - not to mention a whole family of them - tends to make a rather tedious pet! When the castle of the knights of Gummadoon a reference to Brigadoon appears, Cavin is imprisoned as a spy. The Gummies only have until sunset to rescue him, as the castle only appears once every hundred years, but they also have to contend with Duke Igthorn, who plans to capture the castle. A Gigglin causes a practical joke spree in the Glen.

Will this stop the dam from being built in time to stop the water from flooding in?. After the egg of a griffin rolls free, Cubbi gets mistaken for the baby whilst Gruffi has to deal with the actual baby griffin who thinks he is his father.

Can Gruffi and Cubbi make the switch without facing the wrath of the mother griffin?. An Asian prince takes the Gummies to Asia to help defend his kingdom against a dragon that is ravaging crops and disrupting people, but Duke Igthorn stows away and seeks to see if anything in the Asian kingdom can be used to attack Dunwyn.

Igthorn gets his hands on a set of magical bagpipes which entrance anyone listening to its tunes. Unfortunately, this includes most of the Gummis. Fortunately, Grammi has gone temporarily deaf. The Gummi Bears attend a masquerade festival at Dunwyn, but so does Igthorn, with the intention to get rid of King Gregor once and for all, and the only tool Sunni has to stop him is her rather gaudy, self-made new dress.

Cubbi wants to play knight, but when the Gummies don't believe Cubbi sees the ghost of a real Gummi Knight, Cubbi sets out to learn from him and help him fulfill an unfinished quest. Grammi is visited by a childhood friend, Nogum, who shows her how to have fun once again, but her chores don't get done in the meantime.

Will Nogum get Grammi to come away with him?. When the dilapidated state of Gummi Glen and an exploding Stinkweed Stew force the Gummis to temporarily evacuate their home, Sunni tries to find a good place for herself, Tummi and Cubbi to stay in. But their last choice, Dunwyn, proves no safer than the wilds since rats are on the loose in the castle, along with an overeager exterminator.

When King Gregor accidentally sees one of Gusto's lifelike paintings in Cavin's hands, Cavin panics and says he did the painting. King Gregor then commissions Cavin to create a portrait of him, forcing Gusto to help Cavin behind the scenes, without getting discovered. Fed up with Gummi Bear stories by Sir Gawain, a retired knight and Cavin's grandfather, an insane citizen of Dunwyn issues a challenge to him: Find evidence of the Bears' existence, or give up his fortune.

Cavin, of course, is stuck between helping his grandfather and keeping the secret of his friends. Meanwhile, Tummi Gummi is cursed after eating a dangerous fruit and his friends must find a spell to save him. When Tummi's big girth causes him and Cubbi to be almost captured by Ightorn and his ogres, Cubbi encourages Tummi to use an old Gummi training parcour to lose some weight. But the gauntlet turns out to be useful in other ways as well. The other Gummis discover Cubbi's secret identity and force him to give up this "childish game".

By happenstance Toadie takes up the mantle of the Crimson Avenger - and just at the wrong time, too, since Igthorn is about to carry out his plan to kidnap Princess Calla! An accidental mixture of Gummiberry juice and baby powder reduces Igthorn's Ogre troops to infants, and Grammi takes in one of these babies to raise it for the better. Dunwyn's most famous paladin , Sir Victor, pays a visit to King Gregor's court. But the White Knight bears a secret which makes him an easy target for extortion by Igthorn.

When Gruffi breaks his foot, he stubbornly refuses to stay put, believing that the Glen would suffer if he doesn't remain active. We then subtracted contemporary WorldClim grids [ 31 ] for monthly minimum temperature, maximum temperature, and precipitation from the future grids to isolate predicted climate anomalies from baseline values.

This resulted in a change value for each of the three variables between current and future for each month. Finally, we added these monthly anomaly grids to CFS mean climate grids for the base period — for each variable in each month, ensuring correspondence between the historical climate used to build the models and simulated future climate [ 32 ]. We then transformed projected temperature and precipitation data into bioclimatic variables using DIVA software and the raster package [ 33 ] in the statistical software R.

Species distribution models were projected into each of 39 future climate surfaces i. Because we were fundamentally interested in understanding responses of species to climate change across scenarios and time, we ensembled projections for multiple GCMs within each scenario and time period consensus forecasting sensu [ 34 ].

This process resulted in 9 future prediction grids for each species, one for each emissions scenario SRES A2, A1B, B2 in each time period , , that described climatic suitability of the United States and Canada on a continuous scale from 0 unsuitable to 1 highly suitable.

When estimating range sizes, we delineated boundaries of species ranges using a threshold value based on the maximum Kappa statistic [ 35 ].

The Kappa statistic measures the proportion of correctly predicted sites after the probability of chance agreement has been removed [ 36 ]. We chose the maximum Kappa statistic because it provided us a conservative estimate of ranges compared to alternative thresholds, particularly for rare species. We used raster [ 33 ] and dismo packages [ 37 ] in R for all projections and raster manipulations.

We assigned each species to a climate sensitivity status based on overall changes in climatic suitability: Climate endangered , climate threatened , or climate stable. Federal status and Birds of Conservation Concern assessments were combined because the BCC list was developed to complement the federal list. Measuring the relationship between Audubon climate sensitivity status and existing conservation priority assessments required that we assign numerical ranks to species based on their conservation status.

We converted Audubon climate risk status to rankings, with the highest threat being assigned the lowest rank and the climate stable group being assigned the highest rank marginal and introduced species were excluded from this analysis as many of them are not classified according to one or more of the assessments.

For the IUCN categories, species were assigned a rank of 1 if they were considered endangered, 2 if threatened, and 3 if considered to be of least concern. We then used Kendall rank correlation analysis to examine the relationships between climate sensitivity and existing conservation priority assessments one correlation for each comparison—Audubon vs.

PIF, Audubon vs. IUCN, and Audubon vs. We characterized changes in species distributions with respect to latitude, elevation, and distance from the coast to evaluate whether distributional responses to climate change might generalize across species. Simple hypotheses that focus on the role of cold temperature in limiting distributions predict geographic shifts northward, upslope, and inland as overall warming trends continue throughout the century e.

To characterize potential future shifts, we summarized latitude, elevation, and distance to coast values across current and future species distribution grids. Values in each grid cell were weighted by the proportion of each species distribution in the corresponding cell and averaged across all cells, resulting in centroid estimates of latitude, elevation, and distance to coast for each species in current and future time periods.

Variance components analysis is a way to assess the amount of variation in a dependent variable that is associated with one or more predictor variables [ 41 ]. The central output is a variance components table that shows the proportion of variance attributable to each variable note: the predictor variables have to be treated as random effects for this analysis.

We used the lmer function, which is part of the lme4 package in R [ 42 ] to run random-effects ANOVAs to ascertain the percent of variation in current geographic range that is explained by four covariates relevant to bird conservation: species, migratory strategy [ 43 ], climate change scenario SRES A2, A1B, B2 , and habitat affinity IUCN.

This was done separately for both the breeding and non-breeding seasons. We also ran the same analyses, using relative change in range size as the response variable. Dissimilarity results were then mapped to provide a community-level complement to estimates of species gains and losses derived from changes in individual species ranges. Our study suggests that by , under a high-emissions scenario SRES A2 , breeding and non-breeding ranges of North American birds are projected to change dramatically in size and location.

These changes will produce distinct patterns of species gains and losses across the continent Fig 1. During the breeding season, bird communities may gain as many as 80 species, centered on the far northern Canadian provinces, especially boreal forests, and central Alaska, and lose as many as 69 species Fig 1a and 1b. Peak areas of loss include much of the area along the U.

During the non-breeding season, bird communities may gain as many as 92 species, mainly in the border regions with Canada and Mexico, and may lose as many as 65 species Fig 1a and 1b. Peak areas of loss in the non-breeding season are centered on central and southern California, the Gulf region, and southern coastal states Fig 1a.

Future mid- and low-emissions scenarios SRES A1B and B2, respectively show patterns of species gain and loss through time that are broadly similar, in both magnitude and location, to projections from the A2 scenario Table 1 ; see also [ 30 ]. Changes in total number of species by due to shifting ranges relative to year baseline showing potential a species gain or b loss.

Combining projected range gains and losses suggests that future bird communities will differ markedly from current communities, particularly during the breeding season Fig 1c. For the SRES A2, climate change scenario, mean dissimilarity between the present and future was 0.

In the breeding season, dissimilarity was greatest in the boreal forests and western United States. In the non-breeding season, dissimilarity was greatest around the Great Lakes and in northern Alaska. Our models suggest that North American birds will fare far worse during the breeding season than the non-breeding season Fig 2 ; Table 1. In the breeding season, species cluster into three distinct groups Fig 2b : i current geographic range decreases with little to no expansion potential; ii current geographic range shifts to other parts of North America; and, iii current geographic range remains stable and, in some cases, expands.

Based on loss of current climatic range and potential gain of new climate range see Methods , we classified species Relatively few bird species in our climate endangered or climate threatened categories are of current conservation priority Fig 3b and 3c ; Table 1 , S7 Appendix. Shifts in the geographic locations of species distributions were heterogeneous Fig 4. Change in species distributions were calculated using weighted mean values for a distance from the coast b elevation and c latitude.

Dotted lines indicate the mean across seasons. Black lines indicate medians within each season. Projections suggest that climate change will tend to push species toward higher elevations through the end of the century SRES A2, mean change in elevation across all species: breeding season: 22 m upslope; non-breeding: 29 m upslope. Variation in elevational responses across species underscores the importance of looking at individual species when estimating climate disruption.

Over the same time interval and scenario, species distributions are expected to shift inland an average of 51 km during the non-breeding season and 4 km coastward during the breeding season Fig 4. Habitat affinities based on the Audubon classification were higher e. We conducted this evaluation based on AUC and deviance explained and further excluded models based on their disagreement with known species distributions evaluated by expert review.

Test data were typically from the same locations as the training data, but they were sampled in different decades and modeled with different climates. Own or manage this property? Claim your listing for free to respond to reviews, update your profile and much more.

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    Gammy Bird ep, released 01 December 1. Ferris Wheel 2. Pif 3. Apple Be Gone 4. Basic Storms 5. Free Veg Tour Dates! 6/3 PARIS - Espace B w/Lispector + Alligator 7/3 AVAILABLE! north france/belgium/south uk? 8/3 MILTON KEYNES - MK Gallery 9/3 BLETCHLEY - Eight Belles 10/3 LONDON - Old Blue Last w/The Wharves 11/3 LIVERPOOL - MelloMello w/Unicursal + Leather Cow .
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    The common eider (pronounced / ˈ aɪ. d ər /) (Somateria mollissima), also called St. Cuthbert's duck or Cuddy's duck, is a large (50–71 cm (20–28 in) in body length) sea-duck that is distributed over the northern coasts of Europe, North America and eastern breeds in Arctic and some northern temperate regions, but winters somewhat farther south in temperate zones, when it can Class: Aves.
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    Gammy Bird Passage #5 and 6 ""Have you noticed Jack's uncanny sense about assignments? He gives you a beat that plays on your private inner fears. Look at you. Your wife was killed in an auto accident. What does Jack as you to cover? Car wrecks, to get pictures while the.
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