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Weak (Bam Jam Jeep Mix) - SWV - Youre Always On My Mind + Remixes (CD)

The editor's decision is carbonated, orange and final. Guess what Ministry did to get us to listen in to their new Kiss show? Give up? They sent us this cute radio. Clever stuff, huh? Makes sense to us. Anyway, you can catch M05 residentsand "big celebrity guest DJs" on all three Kiss stations every Thursday night. The show goes out in Leeds and Manchester at 8pm and in London at 11pm.

Simultaneously, in deepest Luton Hoo, in a dark dungeon untouched by human hands, coffin lids are creaking open, dusty decks are starting to spin and the Universe crew, after a well-earned rest Club Culture Forever". Or towards the end, off. He s been trying since 1 and remains determined to bag magic, everything is ready. Putting on festivals, after all, is easy.

Or is it? Muzik brings you the diary of a dance T6 s acclaimed success also inspires Universe's ongoing battle to stage some than first meets the eye. Embarking on what he calls "a mad, hedonistic mission", he experiences "the maddest two weeks ever" and also manages to find his spiritual home, a tiny hamlet called Shurey.

The icing on the cake comes when it transpires that the local rum bar is owned by none other than Nigel Benn'sauntie, a silver-haired lady called Lucille Shurey! Back in London, Ian books misplaced. After the court Big Love finally gets a license for the Otmoor Park site, resulting in frantic activity from the case, then moving the date, when it actually happened, it didn't seem real. Universe office to book hotels, aeroplane tickets and all the equipment, staff, resources and We were so close to the wire for so long, it didn't really sink in that the advertising they require, party happened.

I caught Kraftwerk in 1 at the Brixton Academy. Very I state-of-the-art for the , time, as were the robots I 1 they had manufactured in their own image who performed encores by remote control. These were at once very funny and perfectly serious harbingers for the more compact, more dehumanised direction Kraftwerk saw music going in. Of course, when they came back in 1 with exactly the same show, robots, calculators and all, it was a reminder of how little they had moved on.

Their last studio album was 1 's "Electric Cafe". Its computer-generated videos kept them at the forefront of electro futurism. As for music, except for a 1 remix album, not a beep.

What's more, their record company has no idea what they're up to. Although they are still signed to EMI, the band are incommunicado for long stretches of time. It's 1 7 years since they refused to pose in person for press shots, though in the past they have generously agreed for their robot lopplegangers to be photographed. They still turn up to work at their Kling-Klang studios, but to do what?

This long silence is, I suspect, more than perverse. In the mid-Seventies, while everyone else was decked out in loon pants and ponchos, they wore bland, urbane business suits on stage. They were hated by the rock establishment, who imagined they were killing music with their electronic paeans to radioactivity and computers.

It was the sort of modernist technological developments rock counter- culture imagined would destroy music. By the Eighties, people were starting to get the hang of thier irony and they were finally celebrated.

In 1 Africa Bambaataa cut "Planet Rock", a straight lift from Kraftwerk's "Trans-Europe Express", and spawned the electro funk fusion to which nearly all modern dance music can trace its origin. In the Nineties, Kraftwerk's automated music is so commonplace they have nothing left to say, nothing left to do. They've made themselves obsolete by their own efforts.

They pointed to the future, now it's here. So while they might pull off some unexpected, futuristic extravaganza at T G '97, 1 reckon it'll be another quaintly entertaining run through of their greatest hits complete with the old modus operandi, a sort of techno museum of the moving image. I, for one, wouldn't be churlish enough to object to that.

After all, they owe us nothing. We, on the other hand, owe them everything. It pours with rain. Apart from that, the park- and-ride scheme works like a total dream, Aphex Twin really rocks the main tent and the Muzik crew wholeheartedly embrace happy hardcore as Sy, Dougal and Seduction, are hailed as conquering heroes.

In principle. The more license applications we make, the more we begin to read in-between the lines, and in this instance it soon transpired that the police were not going to make any violent objections and would at least consider looking at the application, which is usually a major hurdle. By now, provisional, verbal and pencilled-in bookings are stacking up. Wiltshire, meanwhile, is beginning to wilt, as "Alice In Wonderland" local politics begin to take effect.

Paul explains the madness. Certain counsellors were going to object violently to any licensing application that strayed into Sunday, which a two-day event clearly would. Eddie is interested in principal, though holds out in anticipation of a major film offer. With all festivals now embracing dance culture and the return of Glastonbury , competition for DJs and live acts is now white hot.

Perhaps inevitably, Paul feels inspired to write and instantly creates this year's TG manifesto ", the year we began to unite the global dance masses into the most potent force for change" etc, etc. While sorting out their sponsorship arrangements, Radio One executives are surprised to say the least to learn that John Peel is definitely DJing. Licensing for the Luton event is proceeding steadily, if not spectacularly, clashes with the neighbouring Hertfordshire Show are causing only minor police objections.

Tribal Gathering 1 Or, rather, it's the official press launch and Paul Shurey is busy holding a press conference at the Cube Bar in north London. With confirmation of Luton as this year's site counsellors have voted by a margin of to grant the license and Kraftwerk as headliners, it's finally and officially "all systems go".

Ian, though, is nowhere to be seen, having flown to Detroit to sort out further bookings. The Detroit posse, to a man, are such big Kraftwerk fans that they decide to close down their tent for the duration of Kraftwerk'sshow. Paul is unsurprised. He confirms his appearance in the comedy tent. Well known for his perfectionism, Dave had taken some serious persuading. It involves virtually building a studio on stage. The boys billed as Masters At Work will be playing straight after Kraftwerk.

Universe begin booking hotels and flights, as well as arranging visas for the incoming DJsand guests. As well as finalising myriad minor, but essential, details for TG, Universe are also busy promoting a forthcoming London gig by one Junior Vasguez apparently he's big in New York. Other tasks keeping the guys out of mischief revolve around planning future international events specifically in the States and Europe. MAY "Turning chaos into order," is how Ian describes the penultimate chapter.

Converting a green field site into a nine-tent dance festival takes two and a half weeks from start to finish. Meanwhile, Phuture trax, the event's PR company, "enjoy" their busiest weeks of the year, as literally thousands of liggers attempt to blag complimentary passes the g uest area holds well over 1 , people. With passes in limited supply, everybody connected in any way with Universe discovers they have millions of new "mates", as blaggers widen their nets.

DJs and artists also find themselves deluged with requests. Finally, the only thing left to do is for the Universe team to put on their dancing gear and get ready to party.

Such is how the tribes gather. To find out more about a career in promoting, you can catch them at the club most weeks! Otherwise DJ times will be announced on the day. Boardgames are also provided. Eddie Izzard and guests 1 3. All artists correct at time of going to print. Check on arrival for confirmation. You must have a valid ticket displayed on arrival for each person in the car,.

Police also intend to remove any cars parked illegally outside the estate. The car park opens at 9am. Leave the Ml at junction 10 and head for Luton. At the first roundabout take the A and look for Tribal Gathering 1 signs. Ignore signs for Luton Hoo Estate since those gatei into the estate will be closed. Shuttles sta rt at 1 1. Return shuttles start at Organisers are at pains to stress that walking to the site is impossible it's too far inside the estate. With no pedestrian access permitted either, taking a shuttle bus from Harpenden Station is the only option available for dedicated ramblers.

Luton Airport is a stone's throw away. However aviators, parachutists or Benidorm package tourists on the way home, should follow the same advice as for the ramblers, which is go to Harpenden Station and take the shuttle bus.

Send s. Are they playing live? Too right. Well, at least that's the general plan. Butin the meantime If you've put a lot of work into something, then you really want people to like it," explains Justin, quaffing a pint of Boddingtons and munching hisway through a tuna salad sandwich. As big as The Who. Ha ha ha! Or The Jam, maybe. I want to carve my niche in history and I'm not ashamed to say that.

I want to make a mark as memorable as all the bands I loved when I was a kid made on me. Because whether Justin and fellow Lionrockers MC Buzz B, knob-twiddler Roger Lyons, keyboardist Mandy Wigby and bassist Paddy Steer do actually succeed in entering pop's history books isn't the most important thing right now.

That in two hours of conversation today, there's not a single word about them doing-it-for-themselves-and-if-anyone-else-likes-it-it's- a-bonus. Nor the merest squeak about keeping it underground or strictly for those that know. He means business, and big business at that. People might be getting back to work but they're working in fucking McDonald's and Burger King.

These are the reasons why dance music has become so important to people. To start with, right, the whole thing was simply about a load of middle- class kids going on holiday to Ibiza, raving in posh clubs and dropping out like hippies before going back to their mummies and daddies.

Then, six months later, it was all finished as far as they were concerned. Because normal kids from the football terraces got into acid house. That's when it got really interesting, when all these working class scallies invaded and the posh kids were forced to mix with people they'd never have dreamed of mixing with previously. Few things, it seems, intrigue Justin quite as much as bizarre incidents involving ordinary, everyday nutters.

The guards would bang on the door and go, 'It's Reg', and they'd get handed a bag of money. See, Interstella have got this studio down by the ship canal. They went to the trouble of making it totally impenetrable by boarding up the windows and fitting all these alarms.

Well no; not quite. It was back then that this writer last sat down and talked with Justin Robertson. Lionrock were on their first tour, charging down the motorways from Sheffield to Manchester to Birmingham to London, and Justin was freaking the public by wielding his electric guitar in public for the first time, perplexing those who knew him as a techno DJ with night after night of on-stage scissor-kicks and axe twangs.

It didn't take a genius to realise that the deep yearning he'd always had to be in a band - riders, tour buses, laminates and all - was temporarily absent at the time, though. He was fighting off the flu, of course. But there was something else, too. After the biggest shock of my life. As a teenager, he moved to Manchester to study at university but never got round to leaving the city.

Depending on the year, he's been labelled a masterful DJ in the Balearic, hard dance, eclectic and "big beat" fields. He is also something of an expert on pop history and a devout fan of reggae. Most of the minimal stuff drives me right up the wall. I mean, you get the latest Axis release and it sounds exactly like the last fucking 1 5 Axis releases. This very drunk bloke stumbled up to me and screamed, Turn this fucking shit off and put some big beats on'. This was supposed to be the place where you could play literally whateveryou wanted.

In theory, I love things which sound as if they've been rattled out in five minutes but so much of it at the moment is crap and derivative. Never mind moving the goal posts, people have lost sight of them. Their debut album, he concedes, wasn't quite the fully-formed creature he'd hoped it would be.

As for their live shows last year, he admits that the rockist tendencies got a bit too excessive at times, and that this year will see them reaching for more electronic themes. Here, after all, is a man who's started work on his third album before his second has even hit the shops.

I don't wanna rest on my laurels. You've got to do it while you've still got great tunes in your head. With the best will in the world, however great a band is, everyone loses that gift in the end.

Here, then, is his alternative government cabinet "Lee Perry. He's definitely a man who speaks a lot of sense. He's got something to say although I'm not quite sure what it is. He could sort out entire nations on his own. After you've been DJing for as long as he has, you've got to be. Oh yeah, and Dave would also be Minister For Lager. That's a good job. He'd organise all the state functions and he'd have The Who's Keith Moon as his assistant because you need a drummer in that office.

He wouldn't leave anyone much room for negotiation. He could easily defuse a situation with a witty quip. Sonic Youth would help them out. KRS-One could help him out. He seems to enjoy it all now as much as he did in the beginning. Because they're crap.

And I'd introduce public flogging for bad tailoring. Antrim and Great Britain. On a Friday night, it was where Derrick May and Kevin Samulerson Ii earned up the future, spinning wild records late iiilo the night. At 1 he Music Institute, he provided a focus lor many ol those who have gone on to make an impact on the global scene. But there is more to his story than just inspiration.

We were just experimenting, trying our best to make music that was different and special. Back then, there were so tew of us making this music that we all shared each others equipment, borrowing nr lending drum machines and keyboards. And it looks like he'll be here fora long lime to come.

We began fooling around, making music and pretty soon we were going up to Ypsilanti in work wiili Kevin and Juan every other day. My whole background was listening to Parliament, Motown and Prince but I tuned into what was happening early on.

Itu first tracks we all worked on were made using borrowed equipment but it was such an exciting time. I verybody wanted to do a better track, go further out there than the next guy.

We bad no idea about what might happen. We just wanted to make special music. After the success of 'Illusion' everything got tangled up in contractual difficulties and litigation with Chrysalis who had originally signed us.

It was such a creative time, even though we were just testing out the limits of what we could do with whatever musical equipment we could lay our hands on. I never wanted to do too many of them because it was important to me each release got the attention it truly deserved.

We all know artists who seem as if they release new records every other day and suddenly their work no longer sounds special. That would be great because I have the utmost respect for them and their music.

Everybody came to the club. Everybody who wanted to be part of the scene, everybody who wanted to be involved in the music and people who just wanted to check out what was going on came down there. There would be queues all the way down the block, thcre'd be TV cameras and journalists as well as our regular crowd too. It was a real phenomenon. A lot of stuff never came out because some tracks became such an integral part of what we played at The Institute that we didn't ever want to put them out.

I'll never forget Derrick telling me, 'You've got to come and hear this guy Ron Hardy. He was right. They know good music when they hear it. The crowd at The Music Institute gave me all the freedom I needed to take things further. It was a very, very special place for me. All the established producers and DJs would also be down there too so it was a very creative environment.

Basically anybody who was, or has since become anybody on the scene, found their way down there. If I had to think of just one thing which makes me proud, I'd have to say it was what we achieved with The Music Institute. I think it's a fucked-up situation when people turn up just to see a name DJ instead of coming to hear the music itself.

That's my job. I'm not trying to be a superstar. To me, being a DJ is all about educating your crowd and creating a vibe through which you can communicate something special. But you have to work at it. If that was the case we might as well be fucking juke boxes. People there had never heard house and techno before so it was an amazing experience, especially for me as a DJ.

The worst thing in the world is for everybody in the building to know what record you're gonna play next. I like to surprise people and keep surprising them. And that was how Japan was for me. Everything was new to them. Everything was fresh. It was very strange but very exciting too.

My all-time favourites have to be Ken Collier and Ron Hardy. When you talk about respect, Ken and Ron are legends.

That whole Chicago style had a big impact on me. I found that quite an honour since both those acts, in their own ways, have broken new ground. Except that Jackpot are going to make it even more valuable by chucking in all the Jackpot back catalogue, a album signed by Diggers, a T-shirt and a reco bag. FIVE runners up will each get a copy of the album and a T-shirt. To win this incredible prize, simply travel to Las Vegas How many points is a bullseye worth in darts?

So if you're interested in going over anyway and you should be! But now, thanks to the incredible "Soul Survivors" compilation, you can hear it in al its original glory, alongside another 43 barnstorming classics of Northern Soul that rocked the scene's home base in the Seventies, the Wigan Casino.

To win om just twist and gyrate on a talcum-covered floor while answering this question. Survivors CDs Tzshirt s.. Well, okay, not the actual record itself, but a compilation that includes possibly the rarest record in the world.

Then, over three days in June June 1 2 to June 1 4 , there are concerts, DJ sessions, seminars, record fairs, videos, films and more. The already confirmed line-up reads like the definitive who's who of the very best in all the music we love so much.

No wonder then that Muzik are helping to sponsor this fantastic gathering. Which is why we're offering ONE lucky winner the prize of a lifetime. You have to be able to leave on June 1 2 and come back on June 1 5. To win, just answer this easy question. What does u Una Paloma Blanca " translate into English as? And lo, it was! Just imagine. There you are, a hip hop DJ from the age of 1 5 who's suddenly, somewhat late, discovered the passionate joys of house music around You are, naturally, aiming for the stars.

You don't even have a record deal but you know you want to blow the whole shit sky-high because you're pumped full of ghetto youth adrenaline. But, as we all know, dreamsand expectations rarely collide. Except in the movies, of course. Or is it when some of your first tunes, like "Witchdoktor" and "NY Express" tear up dancefloors around the globe, get licensed, caned, raved about and generally cause new-genius-on-the-block mayhem?

What about when the remixes start rolling in? What more could you ask for? Still not thinking big? As in BIG. As in feet-high neon letters over Times Square big? You then turn a wispy, neurotic American songstress Tori Amos into a sultry diva mouthing double-entendres about " bringing it close to my lips u. But we can take it one step further.

Let's really push it. A rap album enters the US charts like a bullet at Number One. Just like the bullet, in fact, which took its protagonist's life, one Biggie Smalls. And are you happy? Have you arrived yet? AsArmand himself mightsay, in those slack-jawed, NY street shots-from-the-lips of his, "You're outta your focking moind!

There's a glare in his eyes, a rapacious intensity reminiscent of Prince Naseem on the war path. I couldn't care less. To me, if I'm not at Robert De Niro status, then who gives a fuck? I'm telling you right now, it's all small time to me. My whole thing is, if you're not Robert De Niro, then don't even talk to me. This isn't some ego gone berserk kind of big. Bizarrely enough, the band it rings closest to are Oasis.

Noel Gallagher once commented that his ambition would be realised when he'd written tunes the milkman and the postman were humming on their way to work. Armand Van Helden can identify with that. Without free- dom there is no reason to exist.

In fact, the issue of importance is irrelevant to how certain hu- rjnans should be treated when compared with other humans. We need to stop searching for reasons to differentiate one sentient being from another sentient being because those arbitrary discriminatory reasons only allow the unrelenting exploitation to continue. It was remedial and banal. She should open up her mind, let some knowledge pour in and use the brain that was given to her a little more rationally.

She stands by her review. I did not read your zine but would like to comment on a few things you say in your letter. Any kind of analysis which puts one social justice strug- gle above all others seems short-sighted to me.

All the fucked-up shit in this world is inter- linked, not stacked up like blocks. Claiming insight into the origins of a myriad of issues requires you to demonstrate at least some knowledge of how these issues came to possess the form they have today.

Carmen and Harum-Scarum discuss this a page or two back this issue. But in this last review, Mikel Delgado was saying that I know nothing about gentrification because I have only lived here three months. I spend most summers here or a part, no matter how small. This should be able to grant me the vision to see some change in the neighborhood. He [sic] also pointed out that my zine is just a bunch of name dropping and cool band rhetoric. Hell, they even do band inter- views! I do understand my zine may be uninteresting and badly written but I am working on it.

In closing thanks for keeping Maximum going so long. Isma drawing of heart] Skot [? My problems with what you wrote about the way this neighborhood and city have changed are 1.

I see a lot of that here, and it frustrates me to see this blameless attitude. I took that frustration out on you. As far as my review making you want to stop doing your zine, all I can say is, dowhatyou wanttodo. Part of putting yourself out there is being willing to take criticism, however harsh. I have learned that through personal experience.

Sincerely, Mike I w Hi, punks! There are some hospitals and clinics which will knock you out entirely, but that means an anesthesiologist has to be present, which increases the cost. In Wisconsin, they have to give the patient this creepy little pamphlet printed by the State containing many inaccuracies. After the counsel- ing session, the patient must wait a week before returning for the abortion, a major problem for women who are poor and live far from the clinic.

Sadly, another thing you can ex- pect at the abortion clinic is to be harassed by know-nothing religious zealots on your way in and out, who will mercilessly attempt to intim- idate you and make you feel guilty, if not actually physically accost you. Hopefully there will also be some kind people who have volunteered to shelter you as much as possible from the wrath of these thugs.

This brings me to another point — volunteering to escort patients in and out of abortion clinics is a wonderful way to contrib- ute to the struggle for human rights! Just call your local clinic or abortion rights group and ask how you can get started. And especially, any Milwaukee punks who would like to hang out are urged to get in touch I can be reached at ewilson.

I am considering, as hopefully are other readers, to take your advice and act as a buffer between women and the Pharisees who harass them on those ugly days. Still, despite your obviously good intentions, I found your letter to be phenom- onally condescending.

Your voice seems anthropological, almost, as if the patients you write about were shadows in a medical desk reference, who have probable pain, which they may not remember.

Your point that procedures vary from place to place is a valid one. And predictably, the subjective experience varies too. Women I know who j have had abortions have shared very differ- ent feelings with me, from the flippant to the devastated.

I thought in an issue about families and the lack of families, someone ought to write a piece like it, and since no one else was forthcoming, that person was me. This compromises the move- ment, provides the enemy with an argu- ment. After struggling with this reluctance to complain, I finally decided that it was more important to me to be honest, to be an emotional animal rather than a political one.

I appreciate your good work, Eric, but more than that, I am unnerved by the voice of authority, any authority, that denies the validity of what I feel. It is dangerous to assume you know people better than they know themselves; also, to confuse good intentions with solidarity.

Up the punx. Arwen C. Email: maximumrnr mindspring. Use phone for ad reservations. I just wanted to say that I believe there is.

The last time that I checked punk rock was not supposed to be an exclusive club with rules to abide by to be a part of. All of my life I have been persecuted for being different and having a mind of my own. I just do not feel that any persecution should be carried over into the punk rock community simply because I choose to believe in a God.

If we, as punks, preach tolerance of others because of their race, appearance, or sexual preferance why not their religious beliefs as well. Christophe P. And now for the babbling that I shall call reasons for my answer. First of all, like it or not, there is such a thing as Christian punk, or at least there are Christians who call themselves punk.

On this planet, any and all possibilities can exist, an occasionally merge and break off from one another, kind of like a lava lamp. This-is inevitable, and necessary for us to grow and learn as people. Let me say that what makes punk better thatn Christianity or most other worldly religions or beliefs, is that it allows space for people to decide for themselves how to view it. Jesus would not stand with these people. Their version has always been about racism, homophobia, and elitist attitudes.

Those, things have nothing to do with punk. Why, you ask? And shit belongs where? In the toilet. I must say that, No, there is no room in the punk scene or any secular music scene for genuine Christianity. Keep in mind that Christianity is just following the teachings of Christ. How can that be bad? You say Christianity constricts free thought. Fuck That, i consider myself Christian and I think for myself. Doing what you want Regardless. The idea that one can be a Christian and a punk is to me laughable.

Christians can take their patriarchal ideas and obssession with a dead hippie and shove them up their ass. Just stay away from my scene. It goes with the terri- tory. Christianity discriminates against women and gays. That has no place in the punk rock world. Christianity can also mean a personal belief.

I am studying Buddhism. I keep my beliefs to myself. If someone believes in Jesus they can keep it to themselves also. The whole philosophy behind being a Christian is to giv up your possessions and go on a mission to heal people.

This definitely has a place in punk rock. If someone wants to force beliefs onto others and discriminate against women and gays, they belong on the Club, not in the punk rock community. Punk is about respect, open-mindedness, and rebellion against the evils of the world. I PFC Nordine Please respond by October 13 th and try to keep your answers under a hundred v -jords. Make all checks US orders only or money orders out to Vital Music Mailorder or be a punk and send cash well concealed.

For airmail to Canada add 1. Visit our website at www. E-mail: tom vitalmusic. Bands and labels get in touch with us to carry your stuff. Norco, Ca AjU www, ontherag. Get Hip. Sound of CA. Travoltas, Pink Lincolns.

Heartdrops, TYH, and many more great bands!!! Also available For tourdates, band info, news and catalog www. CD Germany Inside it you will find everything you need to know. Overseas customers should also check out the details on the website.

Irritating people will be ignored. Wholesale catalog available to stores and distros upon request. Cash is at your own risk. List alternates or get credit - no refunds whatsoever!! Bottlenekk mailorder P. LA thrash legends Limited edition colored vinyl through mailorder.

Dead Boys meets Heartbreakers sing-a-long punk. Opinions expressed are solely those of the columnists and thankfully are not editorial policy. Tall, with and eat and drink and drink. A six pack for lond curly hair and a down-turned mus- the road.

One ON the road. One after the tache, he has a slightly threateningpresence. A forty ounce to fill the spaces between Like Art Garfunkel turned mean. He's any- six packs. All the while, music blasts from thing but. Good stuff: Iggy Pop, MC5, Though I'm only a friend's friend, he but at a volume loud enough to shatter bul- treats me like a long lost army buddy. He letproof glass. It's , maybe ' My tiny hand lush, but perfectly kept garden into his apart- beer and Mexican food.

By the end, I float on grabs my father's left forefinger as we walk ment. The lights! Going around in a huge circle, old age," he says.

I look around and every- drop me off someplace, "while I go to the Bigger than I've ever seen. Bigger than Dad- thing does seem to be in it's place. I figure I'll gym," he says. And music. Like on a merry- take care of that soon enough. I try to jog a few miles every day. Screams too.

Like girls make when "I hate my neighbor," he tells me. Every afternoon he says, "I don't think you pull their pony tails. Fuckin' chip! He got thrown out of I'm gonna make it to the gym today. Too "Oh look," says Dad, pointing to a big his last place. And he brags about it. He's much beer. On the side of the box is a silver slot.

In place for weeks. What an eyesore! I called Cruising in Brian's Ford, we slam down our front of it, on the ground, is a smaller box. I hate that guy. Off Dad leads me up to 'the machine and lifts me "Anyway," he continues, "you're wel- to the left, I get a glimpse of what looks like on top of the small box.

I can now see that on come to eat what you like. Help yourself to Disneyland. It's anything in the refrigerator. Inside is a case of Coors "Where? Light, half a head of lettuce, and an opened head behind as he goes full-speed ahead. One the tubers, with large "Oh, that's the Mormon temple. They've got "Now, wait 'til you see the little mole come black splotches, is just starting to sprout. Then, whack it! My "They're whack-a-mole moles. Dad puts in a coin.

There's a whir- diet is usually just lettuce and beer. I figure "Huh? One of the little plates moves. A brown that eating only lettuce will make me thin, so "Whack-a-mole moles," I repeat, animal head peaks from underneath. I can drink a lot of beer and it won't change "Is that something you put on Mexican "Whack it! I'm not sure about whacking little an- "Could I just have some coffee? It's my first experience closing the door of the potato incubator. You have a hammer and you bang it down with Whack- A-Mole.

But whack I do. Then another pops up Now, let's shift ahead forty-something fee mugs. Just take one of those jumbo someplace else. It's the same with the Mor- years.

Let's shift places too. From a carnival cups over there, throw in a coffee bag, and mons. I'm put it under the tea maker. No matter here after bailing from my abortive adven- Not only aren't there any coffee mugs, how many you whack down, they keep pop- ture with M. We took a hellish busride from there are no plates, glasses, forks or knives, ping up someplace else.

There, we went At least none that I can see. I'll sleep on the amount of jalapeno tinged gas escapes from Later, M tells me she's decided to couch in the living room.

There's nowhere to my lower intestines, change her life and remain faithful to her hide when the TV goes on. That kills the Every day, it's the same the morning leasing his own vaporous build-up.

We ritual. Up at noon. Watch TV, then, out to the got it. You're right. I go to San Diego with Rosey Palm, my garden. There, Brian carefully inspects each The next morning, I suggest we go to new-old lover. M heads for San Francisco, plant for insect damage.

He rips up those Mexico. Tijuana is only a few minutes from Fortunately for my right hand, my L. I wanna see the donkey show. He wanted to "Chip, that neighbor I told you about," "We can't go tomorrow," he says.

That's a dozen mag- says Brian every day, "he plays ping pong want to go to the gym. Besides, tomorrow is azines and videos for ME! You can't election day in Mexico. I stay with Brian, a believe the damage he's done.

And he barbe- alcohol on election day. He was in Nezvs- cues! Right there! The next day, Brian drops me off in week because he failed a quarter of his stu- "Who knows what that does to the plants? I hang out while he goes to the gym. They were "I need more poison," he continues. Yeah right. He caught them by "Stronger stuff. I've got to kill those little Walking around, I visit non-Starbuck switching the question order from one class bugs.

Cheating students, who got an- Then, it's off to 1 for a giant ice tea I plan to visit my longtime unrequited crush, swers from the earlier class, blithely marked with four packs of Nutrasweet. Then to a Leontyne during the evening. She's married the same answers in the wrong spots. Even Mexican restaurant for lunch. Then, Brian now, with a kid to boot. Jay Leno talked about it on TV. Good- It's in the Goodwill store that I hit gold. Vincents, and plen- Learn To Discern is on the video cover, in big in a San Diego business ethics class were ty I don't know about.

I look through the green letters. There's an "explicit material' caught cheating on exams this week," he books, records, hats and boots. Brian looks warning on the front.

On top. Focus on the saicL "The university took action. They with- through the books, records and large paint- Family Presents. Focus on the Family. Number one Christian shitheads. Should be whacked like moles.

Pro-censorship, homo-hating, intol- erant, Jerry Falwell lackeys. What better en- tertainment could I ask for? And for a buck fifty! I'll mail it home with the porn that Rick gave me. They deserve each other's compa- ny. I also buy a fedora, combat boots and an Elton John record I can sell on ebay. Packages in hand, I head for Leontyne's where I get to play with the kid and remi- nisce about old times. Then it's a taxi home, arriving at around one in the morning. Brian is in the livingroom.

The stereo plays Hawkwind, turned up to That should teach him! His barbecue. I got it good! Next day: Brian doesn't want to drive into Mexico because of the long waits at customs. He suggests we drive to the border, park and just walk. He's right. There's no problem. On the other side, we're greeted by touts.

I'm used to these guys from Bangkok and Kabuki-cho in Tokyo. They stand in front of bars or sex clubs. They grab your sleeve. We got girls. We got what you want. Just step inside, Sir. You won't be disappointed. I learned that lesson many years ago. The Tijuana difference though, is that it is not the bars that have touts, but the pharmacies. Right on the other side of the border. Half a dozen drugstores.

Right here. Right inside. So I buy a bottle of Roofies and hit the record stores. The kill which I share with my passengers. We take our fill, take our fill, take a feel. Confused by different memories, Details of Asian remedies Conversations, of what's become of enemies. My brain thinks bomb-like, So I listen he's a calm type. As I grow And as I grow, I grow collective. Before the move sit on the perspective. Quail's in the crevice And watches from the precipice.

Imperial passage. Martina : Hell is round the corner where I shelter. Isms and schisms, we're living a skelter If you believe I'll deceive and common sense says you are the thief Let me take you down the corridors. Tricky : My brain thinks bomb-like, bomb-like My brain thinks bomb-like, bomb-like, bomb-like My brain thinks bomb-like, Beware of our appetite.

Tricky : We know, yes we know It's my ego on fantastic. But still, you're fuckin' with my plastic Dedicated, medicated, They bend and break me Overrate me I take a small piece and make it breathe It takes a second for a record sucka niggas won't believe They stress me, test me, vex me So what, you got a gun?

That shit don't impress me Yes yes you always walks with the crew You'd better back the fuck up 'cause you're not alone You're a motherfucker 'cause you're not alone If you don't think i'm a brother, then check my chromosome Brand new, you're retro I already passed you on a one-two I've been cued to this already Bullet to the head.

Bullet to the head, what you know I's joking? What the fuck are you doin'? You come to represent my attention? You need more than a mic and a mention. Through the scars you see bars Through the bars you see scars results of my rage. Brand new, you're retro. Tricky: It's too good It's too nice She makes me finish too quick Is it love?

No not love She turns me sexual tricks She says she's mine, i know she lies First, i scream, then i cry. You take a second of me You beckon, i'll bleed She suffocates me She suffocates me with suggestions I asked 'do you feel the same? I know why the caged bird sings, i know why Tricky: Forgive and you're forgiven Kingdom come Can you wait for yours, i need to taste some Life's really funny, i laugh while she spends my money She's my freak I guess i'm weak You ask what is this?

Mind your business I pass my idle days with my idle ways 'Til the twelfth of always She walks my hallways I keep her warm, but we never kiss She cuts my slender wrists Let's waste some more time I sign the dotted line A different level She-devil Martina: I think ahead of you, i think instead of you Will you spend your life with me And stifle me?

Tricky: You ask what is this? Mind your business I pass my idle days with my idle ways 'Til the twelfth of always She walks my hallways I keep her warm but we never kiss She says i'm weak and immature But it's cool I know what money's for.

Push comes to shove, Her tongue's her favourite weapon on attack I slap her back, she mostly hates me. Martina: I think ahead of you, i think instead of you Will you spend your life with me And stifle me? I know why the caged bird sings, i know why Tricky: Can i take off your clothes Before we go out And when you're helpless, i'll scream and shout We finish everyday Well, anyway Sixty-nine degrees My head's between your knees. You ask what is this?

Mind your business It's too good It's too nice She makes me finish too quick Is it love? Take a second of me You beckon, i'll bleed Take a second of me Martina: I think ahead of you, i think instead of you Will you spend your life with me And stifle me? I know why the caged bird sings, i know why X2. You don' t Ragga : I fight evil with evil I fight evil with evil Believe me how you found me Take away my self-esteem Anytime you're ready Tricky : You don't, you don't You don't, you don't You don't, you you don't you don't wanna even try Ragga : I sleep, but gets no rest.

You scheme, but gods know best. Second trying, I was actually dying, ohohoh! When you drown in your devil's music I did every need to use it. Tricky : You don't, you don't You don't, you don't You don't, you you don't you don't wanna even try Ragga : Trust you if you're trustful Use you if you're useful Really smooth, really evil And if you're here, and that is the reason. Hallucinagenics in my system They say i'm insane I'm strugglin Do you There's a fate for the late But the late must wait longer Strugglin Tricky: Unbearable, searable, popular demand From cradle to grave, the simple diary of man Martina: How things are together we'll destroy And then we can destroy what we are Together we can build what we are when we dream the spirit free We don't give praise, we take praise So why are we?

Fortify my Tricky : I can vibe to anything Do I have to hide from everything? Everybody wants a piece of me Reach their origin and cease to be Sit back and let it happen, Let us take your time away. I don't understand you. I don't want your time of day. If you're gonna walk, might as well walk your way Always walk the hallways, Forget the punk, I pack the funk.

I'm gonna take a piece of you. Making money for good health, But first I learn to see myself But first I learn to see myself You promised me poems You promised me poems You promised me poems Terry Hall : I ruse the day that I ever met you, And deeply regret you getting close to me. I cannot wait to deeply neglect you, Deeply forget you, Jesus believe me You promised me poems. You might have been my reason for livin' I gave up on givin', gave up everything.

We were a right pair of believers A couple of dreamers, So how come you hate me? You promised me poems You promised me poems You promised me poems Promised me poems Martina : Dreamed of ringing voices, And contemplated choices. Taste like a real kiss, To heighten my awareness. With all fairness, greatness with gratitude. And simply riled with attitude Now do promotion on TV, and ya still can't see. We're down the hill cascade And keep away the masquerade, Dreamed of ringing voices, And you promised me poems You promised me poems You promised me poems You promised me poems.

Into the morning Got me through the night I've seen the light I see the light I live of what I need I've got greed I've been a sinner for as long as I know So help me understand The little that I know Shadow dancing with my spirit Got to face your demon on your own Take my body and put it through the dust I've been buried in the crust Together now So help me understand The little that I know Together now, together now It's us now, It's us now And there's them, and there's them And should we start again Together now, together now It's us now, it's us now The descendants of Christ And it's you Will you help me I'm confused What you gonna do With the little that I know With the little that I got We're together now, we're together It's us now And there's them, and there's them And should we start again Together now, together now It's us now, it's us now Keep your mouth shut.

Tricky: I can't relax I need to meditate Yeah, I'll make 'em wait I can't relax I need to meditate Yeah I'll make 'em wait Time moves in numbers I count the summers, direct the drummers I can't relax I need to meditate Yeah, I'll make 'em wait Time moves in numbers I count the summers, direct the drummers Tell me you don't feel nothing Would you like to ride on my train or Would you like to drink from my vein? My vibe's just a fuckin' feeling I see the ceiling And adjust to such a feeling I be the prophet, slay me then we'll cross it I'm ready on the other side I'm already on the other side I'm already on the other side I'm already on the other side Martina: I can't relax I need to meditate I'll make them wait Time moves in numbers I count the summers, direct the drummers Would you like to ride on my train or Would you like to drink from my vein?

My vibe's just a feeling I see the ceiling And adjust to such a feeling I be the prophet, slave me then we'll cross it I'm already on the other side I'm already on the other side I'm already on the other side Tricky and Martina: I can't relax I need to meditate Yeah I'll make 'em wait Time moves in numbers I count the summers, direct the drummers Time moves in numbers I count the summers, direct the drummers Tell me you don't feel nothing Would you like to ride on my train or Would you like to drink from my vein?

My vibe's just a feeling I see the ceiling And adjust to such a feeling I be the prophet, slave me then we'll cross it I'm already on the other side. One, one, two One, one, two Move over, move over Yeah you heard what I said, move over I feel so lonely Haven't slept a wink I walk the floor And watch the door And in between I drink Black coffee Love's a hand-me-down brew I'll never know a sunday In this weekday room I'm talking to the shadows One o'clock till four And Lord how slow the moments go All I do is pour Black coffee Since the blues caught my eye I'm hanging out on Monday My Sunday dreams too dry They say a man is born to go a lovin' And a woman is born to weep and fret To stay at home And drown her past regrets In coffee and cigarettes I'm moody all the morning Moody all night And in between I drink Black coffee Black coffee Bubbles.

Cath Coffey: We're the only ones here so speak your mind, I feed your appetite, now you feed mine. I sing for you, so you can find your way home. I sing for you.

Forget all you learned from yesterday, If you learn how to change, you'll change today. I pray for you. And I breathe aside my impurities, But I can't take your insecurities. If you trust, then trust me now. Can you trust? Cath Coffey and Dedi Madden: Round and round together, round and round forever.

Pray for me, pray for me so I can find my way home. Cath Coffey: Leave me now, so I can be alone. Can you be alone? Cath Coffey and Dedi Madden: We're the only ones here so speak your mind, I feed your appetite, now you feed mine. Cath Coffey: Round and round together, round and round forever.

Leave me now, so I can be alone. Children' s story. Once upon a time not long ago When people wore pajamas and lived life slow When laws were stern and justice stood And people were behavin' like they're oughta good There lived a little boy who was misled By another little boy and this is what he said: "Me and you tonight are gonna make some cash Robbin' old folks and makin' the dash. Dave the dope fiend shootin' dope Who don't know the meaning of water nor soap He said "I need bullets, hurry up, run!

Pre-Millennium Tension. Official Lyrics!!!! Always, what does that mean? Forever, what does that mean? It means we'll manage I'll master your language And in the mean time I'll create my own Buy my own It means we'll manage I'll master your language And in the mean time I'll create my own You and me, what does that mean? It means we'll manage I'll master your language And in the meantime I'll create my own It means we'll manage I'll master your language And in the meantime I'll create my own It means we'll manage I'll master your language And in the meantime It means we'll manage I'll master your language And in the meantime I'll create my own You and me, what does that mean?

It means we'll manage I'll master your language And in the meantime I'll create my own It means we'll manage I'll master your language And in the meantime I'll create my own It means we'll manage I'll master your language.

Everybody wants to know where my mind is I'll tell you everything I tell you lies Look deep into my mongrel eyes d: Tell me what you see Tell me what you see Tell me what you see When you look into my mongol eyes Everybody wants to know where my mind is I'll tell you everything Tell you lies Look deep into my mongol eyes Everybody wants a record deal And everybody wants a This is a matter of utmost urgency You might even call it a policy emergency Suckers got ill when they finally heard that you Wasn't sellin' out, they tried to murder me Reached for my Jenny like a troops supposed to do Never let a sucker get too close to you Heard 'em comin' up behind the wall They saw the whites of his eyes, the first one had to fall Another burn creeped up the fire escape Trying to sneak, I guess he snuck too late Lookin' like a scene from Real Life Vice So when his head fell apart like a block of solid ice Him easy does it, come to think of it Deep paranoid but his wasn't as fast as mine I heard the phone ring, should I answer?

This is gettin' serious as terminal cancer And that is the final stage, my primal rage Began to rise and I started to fantasize How many more might try to rush the door And grass their warrior, hell, I ain't stayin' I opened the back door and felt the sunlight Summer night heat saw a bunch of bulbs Wearin' white sheets, what else could it mean? I know it ain't Halloween The cross in the background burnin' made an ill scene First I was panicky, then I was angry Funky people had a rope ready to hang me Now who am I supposed to be?

Eddie Spagetti? You come Vic Rob G. Fuck that, they had me trapped so I rushed back They tried to bust me but they don't have enough caps I dipped, dived, slipped, slid, they missed me I had to move quick or they was bound to get me One bullet grazed me, that didn't faze me What could I say? I was havin' a fucked up day Stood and took aim, my finger on the trigger I shouted "Now let me hear you say nigger!

Who do you think you are? You're insignificant A small piece, an ism No more no less You try to learn the universe Can't even converse in uni-verse You know. Me done know, because a saw de ghetto run a so the politician do it dem bring in a bag a gun and barrage a thing and seen run up on youth on youth And then when you check it out.

Dem send dem police friend to come for dem gun And dem say dem not running gun and dem things deh. Seen, man no stop rob man. Yeah, we want a whole heap of things to go on for the ghetto youth all next year. You done know me as one a dem uprighting ghetto youths, Seen, so we a start from way down dey so.

Yeah, get up in a place them call they'll sigh, call them See them sitting in a store. Gots with play, gots to this, gots to that, gots to everything. Ever have a little fire get wet? Wow, them has not said a word. I a don't know my little friend over there sir. Sure when they all left the motel I sell chicken and some other things. I a do know ya up front man. Yes me brother, Sky the yes sir.

And the easy, we all easy, now we all smoke weed as one Now listen I tell ya, the truth. Y'all God bless been me, trust me.

I wanna show ya'll more thing about the ghetto. See the ghetto is a case a pop, lollipop, all of them pop there Yeah, I and I a juggle them from nine from down dere yes sir. See ya know it's cool we got a system army See ya don't know man no ghetto youth, see?

Street boy original, see? Yeah, and noboby can fool and nobody can come use we. Yeah, that's the way we run things. We just steal a thing, we sell suck-suck on them thing. Yeah,come with I and get we boy to come tell about 6 to 6 and 6 to And after this and after that you drink champagne and cut off you foot. That's how the ghetto youth live. That's why them ever try to elevate us, I and I ya see? Ya know I and I elevate out of the slum.

That needs more order, we make war and peace look easy See we me people we make use of that ya see? Our mother and our father never have nothing, from way down there sir. Trust me my brother. See that's how I and I come up. Go to school without lunch money and them sitting there. That's why I no love nobody else. I tell ya,it'll sure fit all our sell ya anything ya want.

I and I know. I live with it. I live with it, ya see? Reality a reality see? We no promote none of them boy over there sir. See them stay over one side and go and eat them turkey and drink them what they wanna drink them. The red wine's going There is one thing and kick back and go and meditate and see? Yeah, live with people me people live with we. Ya know what me say? Yeah, 'cause when I tell ya me brother, see there be chain of bandages them a go under see?

Babylon release the train but them use is them brain see? Trust me. DPReview Digital Photography. East Dane Designer Men's Fashion. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. Deals and Shenanigans. Ring Smart Home Security Systems. Amazon Subscription Boxes Top subscription boxes — right to your door. PillPack Pharmacy Simplified. Amazon Renewed Like-new products you can trust. Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life.

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